Why you should buy dowel pins from Pattern Fasteners

Want to make sure you get dowel pins from the best manufacturer possible? Pattern Fasteners are the answer. Dowel pins are small yet essential steel fasteners that either attach two or more items firmly together using friction or are used as location pins. Crafted to fit tightly and securely into a receiving hole, these components are used in areas such as the marine and aerospace industries.

Making sure that your customers get the perfect components for their applications is vital – whether it be plain, unhardened or grooved dowel pins. Pattern Fasteners are a company that specialises in non-standard and precision components. They are one of the top companies in their field, so why not let us tell you about how they design the best dowel pins for suppliers?

Bespoke to your requirements

Want dowel pins that are custom to specific needs? Then Pattern Fasteners are definitely your go-to company. They specialise in the manufacturing of non-standard fasteners that are bespoke to exact requirements. You may require dowel pins that:

  • Need to be suitable for movable applications
  • Must be removable
  • Require modified designs, such grooved dowel pins

This reliable company can provide you with non-standard dowel pins that will be exact for your customer’s needs.

Attention to detail

Consisting of engineering experts, Pattern Fasteners make sure every component manufactured is perfect. Dowel pins need to be precise to keep items in place effectively. If they aren’t the precise fit for their receiving holes, they are worthless.

With more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing precision components, Pattern Fasteners have more than enough expertise to construct the best dowel pins for you. Every item created by this company goes through a quality control system to ensure they are of the best possible standard before leaving their warehouse.

Manufactured for different industries

Pattern Fasteners have experience in creating dowel pins for a long list of industries. These types of fasteners are used in many applications such as cars because of the secureness they give, and so only the best manufacturers are sought after to produce them.

In the past, this company has been tasked with manufacturing dowel pins for companies within the automobile, subsea and food preparation industries to name a few. These types of businesses need perfection when it comes to their components, so they contact Pattern Fasteners.

Assistance with requirements

Not sure which type of dowel pins are most suitable for your customer’s applications? Pattern Fasteners can help. With industry knowledge and being able to create bespoke components for you, the team are more than capable of helping you to decide on the most appropriate designs.

Simply contact Pattern Fasteners and talk them through the applications – they will be more than happy to assist you in figuring out the best design for your customer’s needs.

For further details on how Pattern Fasteners can create your ideal dowel pins, why not get in touch? You can contact them directly by calling 0121 330 0854, emailing sales@patternfasteners.co.uk or filling in their contact form for a member of the team to get back in touch.

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