Why EuroQuartz supplies crystal oscillators to the aerospace industry

There is a whole range of reasons why EuroQuartz provides crystal oscillator items for aircraft-based companies. Miniature but essential, oscillators create electrical signals to emit specific frequencies that allow communication and navigation with ease. Because of this, oscillators are the key to a whole host of systems on an aircraft, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and safety.  

Noted as one of the best quartz crystal and oscillator manufacturers around, EuroQuartz is a UK-based company that has been manufacturing frequency-related products for more than 60 years.

With expert knowledge, the company began working with the aerospace industry 30 years ago. Since then, the company has designed and supplied various aerospace companies with oscillators that fit their specific requirements. Let us tell you the multiple reasons why oscillators from EuroQuartz are more than suitable for such an important industry.


Many aerospace systems need frequency-based components in order to work. If electrical signals are not generated to produce vibrations at certain frequencies, an aircraft would not be able to function safely.

Aircraft applications that work thanks to a crystal oscillator include:

  • Radar systems
  • Space exploration systems
  • Communication systems

This means that your oscillators from EuroQuartz ensure safety and usability for all manner of aircraft.


All aerospace components need to be precise. Each oscillator from EuroQuartz is constructed to an incredibly high standard, ensuring that they are suitable to be used on an aircraft.

Features that make EuroQuartz oscillators perfect for this industry include:

  • Being high altitude resilient – even at heights that can interfere with electrical items, these oscillators remain functional.
  • Being highly accurate – systems such as radars need to give high-quality readings for pilots to determine certain choices such as changing course.
  • Long life expectancy – These oscillators will function for longer than anticipated, meaning you won’t have to purchase replacements for years.
  • Radiation tolerance – Oscillators from EuroQuartz can be made suitable for areas in the upper atmosphere or for space exploration if necessary.

Oscillators provide traits that are suitable for aerospace travel.

High-quality oscillator manufacturers

With low costs guaranteed, manufacturing at EuroQuartz always puts the needs of the customers first. Whether you need standard or custom-built frequency control products, this company can adaptyour exact needs – your aircraft may require oscillators with specific electrical characteristics or power supplies.

All oscillators are designed on-siteby the best UK-based engineers. Why is this important? It means that theEuroQuartzteam sets itself apart from other UK-based based crystal oscillator suppliers, who will tend to import items.

The 13,000 square feet manufacturing unit allows for efficientengineering and fast deliveries to all aerospace industry customers. The facility also contains departments dedicated to areas such as:

  • Production control
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Quality control

These departments ensure that all oscillators leave the unit in the best condition possible.

EuroQuartz also constructs oscillators for the defence, medical, telecommunications and electronic engineering industries. For further information on EuroQuartz’s supplying of crystal oscillator items to the aerospace industry, get in touch! You can contact the team by either calling 01460 230000, emailing info@euroquartz.co.uk or filling in their enquiry form.