Why branding is a must for promotional products?

In business, personalized gifts are offered to customers as part of sales promotion and they are often branded.  Why can’t these gifts be given away as they are? Why spend extra money on branding them? This is what most start-ups or SME owners think. on the contrary, branding is a must for promotional products and these are the reasons.

Statistics on why branding is a must for promotional gifts or personalized gifts

  1. The ROI on promotional products or personalized gifts is equal to that of TV or print and sometimes, even better.
  2. 66% of the customers remembered the company within 12 months of receiving the product.
  3. 87%  kept the personalized gift for more than a year.
  4. 56% of the customers claimed their impression of the company improved on receiving the gift.
  5. 75% said they would do business with the company again.

Why did personalized gifts need to be branded to be used as promotional products?

  1.  To create a brand identity

A  personalized gift from a company to a customer will go unnoticed unless it is branded. Branding creates a corporate identity for the gift and the receiver associates the gift with the brand. This creates a strong sense of brand recall from the customer.

  1.    To convey a brand message

If the personalized gift offered by the company is relevant to its brand and has some connection to it, it may convey a strong brand message. Take, for instance, a  coffee brand. If it offers a personalized branded mug of good quality to the customer, the gift has a connection with the brand and hence it can convey a brand message.

Such personalized gifts reflect the brand philosophy and the values the brand stands for. This is why all promotional products and personalized gifts from a company should be branded and be of high quality.  Procure such personalized gifts from a trusted provider and get them branded for sales promotion.

  1.     To recognize the value of the customer

Personalized gifts serve to remind the customer that the Company values them. These gifts act as a mark of the company’s appreciation of the customer.

  1.       To  exhibit the value of the customer

Sometimes personalized gifts are offered as part of promotional campaigns like these- the first 50 buyers get a branded T shirt. Or lucky draw winners get branded tote bags.  When you see a customer wearing such a shirt or carrying this branded bag, you instantly realize that he is the winner of the contest. Here the personalized gift serves to exhibit the value of the customer.

  1.     To convert customers to the brand

It is surprising to note that the offer of promotional or personalized gifts with the product makes customers change their existing buying behaviour and switch to the brand. Thus personalized gifts are used by companies to lure customers and convert them.

  1.       To create visibility and reach

Personalized gifts offered to a customer do not necessarily stay with them. They are handed to their family or friends. Thus promotional products and personalized gifts are always on the move. This is why you need to brand them. Branding personalized gifts enhance the visibility and reach of the brand.

Personalized gifts need branding to enhance their brand identity and promotional value. Get your personalized gifts branded with perfect quality from  professional gift providers who can enhance your business image with their best branding techniques.