Who is this KPMG attorney and adjunct professor who dated his student and made her life a nightmare?

In a news story posted on the legal blog First Light Law,in June 2018, we read a moving story of a New York woman’s,Cindy Qu, incredible journey of surviving an attempted assault and a disastrous romantic relationship with her professor before bravely and wisely moving on with life by heading to a law school in order to serve others.Gladly, the story did not end in some exacerbating feud or tragedy that we commonly see in papers, and some meaningful takeaways can even be generated from the woman’s heartfelt confessions.

With that being said, our attention would have to be drawn to the other party introduced in this story piece – the KPMG attorney and manager, who’s allegedly left Qu in “embarrassment, pain, distress and anguish” over the past years. His name is Brian Harris Berg (often known as Brian Berg).

Berg’s LinkedIn profile shows he graduated from Hofstra University School of Law in 1998 and is a New York registered attorney working for KPMG’s New York City office. Having been at the position of manager for the past five years, Berg introduces his job responsibilities as “advice and interpret upon various banking laws and regulations, including the Dodd-Frank Act.” As a part time job, Berg has been teaching business law at Borough of Manhattan Community College of CUNYsince 2013, according to the school’s website. And this is where he first met his student Qu around four years ago and started a love affair with her that later made Qu’s life a nightmare.

Brian Berg, right, pictured with a friend and a mysterious woman

By only reading Qu’s statements in the court papers, we feel it is not enough to have a full picture of what kind of a professor Berg is, so we turned to the popular teacher rating site, Rate My Professor, to search for more clues.

On Berg’s page of this site, we saw a score of 3.0 on a 0-5 scale. Glancing through the dozens of student reviews, we found quite a few angry comments. One student wrote: “The worst one you can get,” and another added: “Most terrible professor I ever met.” Among these negative comments, we even saw one that probably would resonate with Qu’s story, while a student summarized his or her own experience with Berg’s teaching as: “He will make your life hell; he doesn’t care about students at all.” There were actually a few comments acknowledging Berg’s speaking skillsor funny personality, but all high remarks were flooded with many down votes, with one voter even suggesting: “The department needs to talk to him; it is a serious issue.”

We don’t know if the school department has ever talked to him, but Berg still teaches in the same school, after conducting a series of questionable or even possibly law-breaking behaviors, as claimed by Qu’s previous lawsuit. At least, we can be sure the lawsuit has not influenced his position in school.

We then begin to wonder if Qu had anything to back her stories and accusations that the school failed to acknowledge or accept. Well, we can see her lawsuit was quite a complicated case and involving different kinds of claims, but we managed to find some proof she submitted to court that revealed the nature of Berg’s character to some extent. In several text messages he sent to her when the two were dating, Berg aggressively suggested going to Qu’s place instead of his by lecturing her on how heading back to the lady’s residence instead of the guy’s would be “the way it is.” In another text, Berg blatantly denied he had been living with anybody else at his apartment. This, on the other hand, verified what Qu claimed; Berg had been hiding his relationship status and his cohabitation with another woman throughout their dating. What’s a little surprising to see is that, when challenged by Qu, Berg even admitted his preference of the opposite s*x by texting: “Yup you figured me out. Only like to date young girls.”

So far, more details of Berg’s lifestyle lead us to draw a better picture of him. Referring to what Qu claimed he did to her when the truth had been found out, we shouldn’t be too surprised to hear the rest of the story.

In the article published on First Light Law, Qu stated that she had tried her best to leave behind the nightmare Berg gave her, which is a fortunate thing and worth celebrating for her; however, we cannot help but wonder if Berg had experienced any sense of remorse for his actions, even though he had not yet faced any consequences for them, according to Qu. Several updates we found online showingBerg’s personal engagements in the following years may give us a sneak peek into that.

Through public records, we see that Berg has had a whirlwind of four years, getting busy in several projects. One is real estate. He and the woman he had been living with while he was dating Qu, who is identified as Izabela Stok, a manager from Deutsche Bank’s New York City office, have bounced around multiple residential addresses in Brooklyn since 2016. But he seemed to have become even busier in his real estate investments in other parts of the country, evidenced by his purchases of a portfolio of properties in North Carolina and Florida. Most of these purchases were made in the same year or after Berg started an Indiegogo page,on the crowdfunding site, to ask people online to donate to a fund for some of his endeavors. So far, his page has received contributions from at least 44 backers, while some contribution levels were set by him as $5,000 and $10,000. Well, at least Professor Berg has not been idling when his former student was working hard to heal herself and move forward.