Where To Go For Tree Hire For Corporate Events?

You may have a lot of corporate events to attend but have you ever attended that one event which was very elegant and spoke about class?

Well, that event was probably decorated with trees and LED artificial trees!  Keeping all the boasting aside, trees really do transform the whole look of an event. If you have an event to organize and you are stuck how to go about, you can simply contact the tree hire companies. They will help you with the decorations part of the event. But how do you go about it? What kind of trees would you select for the corporate event?

Well, here is a simple guide on what trees to choose and how to approach the tree hire companies.

What kind of trees to choose?

When you think about the corporate event, what comes to your mind? Formal? Elegant? Simple? Sophisticated? Whatever comes to your mind, just write it down? Once, you are done writing, think what kind of trees can you associate with these words. If you aren’t able to do that, try remembering those classic Hollywood or English movies where there are scenes of corporate events.

Once you get a cue, you begin to get an idea about what you have signed up on. Now, the most preferred trees for hire for any corporate events are the LED palm trees and the maple trees. These trees are mostly hired because of their elegance, and sophisticated feels. Also, they really light up the whole evening with the event.

How to approach the company?

Now that you have decided what kind of tree to hire, it’s the time for approaching a tree hire for corporate events company. Also, you need to be very careful while selecting the company. You should go for companies like “Tree Hire London” who provide you an all-inclusive fare for the hiring of trees and providing of personnel in London for the event.

Once you approach the company, they will take you on a tour of their place and give you the details of all the trees they have in the store. Once you calculate your options and budget, you can then talk about the logistics. Logistics mainly is about how many trees you are hiring, the LED lights around it, the fixture instruments, and the number of technicians required at the event to fix all the trees and place them at the strategic positions.

Once, you are done discussing the details, always ask them for an all-inclusive price. Never pay for the trees and for the logistics separately.  Most of the times, the companies do ask to pay some amount of deposit. So, make sure you pay this deposit.


Finally, once you have spoken to the company, fix the timings as to when to install the setting. Usually, once you give them your preferences, they arrange the trees and the required equipment. Also, the team fixes the trees and the lights 1-2 days before the event. So, this is how you book or artificial trees for hire for corporate events.