What Is Venue Sourcing and How Can a Venue Sourcing Company Be an Invaluable Asset to Event Planners?

Venue sourcing isn’t a well-known industry, but for those in need of help securing a venue for an event, a call to a professional venue sourcing company can be one of the most important calls they make. A venue sourcing company works with event planners to identify the best venues for their specific events, contacts event venues about availability, and can even negotiate a rental agreement with the venue’s management on their behalf.

Working with a venue sourcing company can save an event planner hours, even days, of research, phone calls, emails, and time visiting various venues to find one that is right for their event.

Venue sourcing companies work closely with event planners as well as event venue managers to help put on events that are beneficial to all parties. They help venue managers fill their dark days with profitable outside events, and help event planners find the perfect venues for their events.

Here are several more reasons why an event planner would consider using a venue sourcing company:

The Event Planner is Not Familiar with the Area

Not every event planner works on events that are in his or her immediate area. This is especially true of event planners who are in charge of traveling events or who oversee multiple events that take place all over the country, like regional competitions.

Planning an event remotely may mean that you can’t review every space you’re interested in. When you use a venue sourcing service, they can help you narrow down your options to those that are most appropriate for your event based on your budget, and also those that are available for your event. Then, you can spend your valuable time only visiting venues that have already been vetted and deemed suitable for your event.

Venues May Be Reluctant to Rent Their Spaces for Outside Events

Not all venues are actively looking to host outside events, and others are very choosy with whom they will allow to use their space. This is especially true of university and public facilities. The venue managers of these spaces often already have a lot on their plates, and therefore have very little incentive to take on outside events. It’s not unusual for venue managers to not even return calls or emails from unknown event planners looking to rent their facilities.

When you work with a professional venue sourcing company and they approach venue managers on your behalf, your chances of getting into your desired venue are a lot better. Cameron Ungar, owner of Stylehawk Event Services says, “If an event promoter is even able to get through to the venue management at their desired venue, they need to be prepared for the questions the venue manager is going to ask. In addition, many public facilities are going to have concerns about the professionalism of a new event coming in. The quality of an event can affect the reputation of the venue (just like a venue’s reputation can elevate the status of an event). As such, venue operators will be protective of their venue’s reputation, and thus, less likely to take a chance on a new event unless they are comfortable it will be presented at an acceptable level and executed professionally.”

A professional venue sourcing company can speak the language of the venue’s management, answering their concerns and assuring them that all of the necessary details will be taken care of.

The Event May Require an Unconventional or Unique Venue Space

Not all events have venues designed specifically for their purposes. If you’re putting on a basketball tournament or a trade show, your venue choices will be obvious. But what if your event is a bit more unconventional—such as a drone race or a hackathon? If you don’t have intimate knowledge of the venue spaces in your area, you won’t know which spaces can even accommodate your event.

Venue sourcing companies make it their business to know, inside and out, the details of every venue in their areas—including things like their amenities, capacity, approximate rental rates, and what kind of activities they do and don’t allow.

A venue sourcing company can immediately narrow down your options, based on your event’s needs and budget, saving you valuable time researching and visiting venues that won’t work for your event.

If you’re planning an upcoming event, consider using a venue sourcing company to help you secure the perfect space. It could make all the difference in the success of your event.