Want a Corrosion Resistance Testing Then Go For Salt Spray Chamber

It is very important to determine the corrosion conflict of a metallic surface. It assists in setting of quality standards as well as the lasting life of the surface in regard to the product usage and passing of time. Salt spray test is highly used for checking corrosion resistance properties of the surface. The test mainly involves keeping the sample in a testing chamber that is filled with salty fog. This salty fog starts the corrosion on the metallic surface. The protective coating helps in preventing corrosion of the surface. If you are thinking about the time taken by the test, well then it is about 24 hours to 2 hours or little more hours. The resistance of the surface to corrosion will vary based on the quality, coating way and the thickness.

Why corrosion test is vital?

When the huge world is taking a step forward, we are pushing technologies to their limits. The same rule is applied to all metals as well as materials. It says that the quality is always challenged by advancement. In order to meet this challenge in the ground of quality metal testing, a variety of corrosion testers have been designed for analysing the performance of metal in the imitated or may be real environment. A salt spray chamber is used only to study the anti-rusting capability. The accuracy and stability is very important for which one must select a precisely designed chamber. There are few points that one must consider for choosing the best chamber.

The material of the test chamber as well as its accessories that should be free from corrosion and should not react to the testing environment.

The salt spray should not be made directly in the sample but should be spreaded uniformly. The automizer should be corrosion resistant, free from deformation and should have resistance to high wear.

The compressed air should be free from contamination and all sorts of grease dirt.

Envisys Technologies rain chamber contain all this features and is used highly in various industries for testing of metal. It evaluates the resistance of the surface coating against the corrosive environment. It imitates the real time weather condition that affects the quality of coating and creates corrosion. The situation inside the chamber is accelerated for which the test sample behaviour can be easily studied in a very short period of time. It is one of the advanced testing machines that contain several features that make the testing process very easy. So, if you are searching for a premium quality and long lasting salt spray chamber that too at a very affordable rate, then you must select one from Envisys Technology. Its equipment is designed with all latest features that will make the test very easy and fast.