Videos increase engagement of followers on Instagram?

If you want to increase follower engagement on Instagram, thinking about using videos is a good idea! In Instagram it is not enough just to get followers, you have a task to stimulate the engagement of the followers, so that they keep interested in following you!

That means you must produce interesting content, inspire followers to enjoy, share and comment on your posts.

Creating follower engagement is a “task” with each post. Making videos to put on your timeline or even in Stories is a good tool for follower engagement!

Continue reading and find out why you should make video to have more engagement with Instagram users!

Why make videos on Instagram?

Okay, so the Instagram symbol is a camera, and it was initially created for photos. But by 2013, the app preferred to innovate, than to decline. And hit!

That’s where Instagram started to allow videos on the platform. Initially the videos were 15 seconds, but in 2016 the videos were changed to 1 minute.

And from here we can say that it was “innovation behind innovation” and more and more videos are gaining ground.

Instagram stories, which are those 24-hour stories from Instagram, are a real fever among users. To complete, in 2018 Instagram launched the Instagram TV, or IGTV.

Instagram is a promising social network that seeks to exceed 1 billion followers by the end of 2019.

Realize that this is a path without a return and that if you want to participate in this social network and have benefits, you have to make videos to stand out!

How is the engagement of followers with videos?

Engaging Instagram followers with videos is great! Today most followers prefer to see spontaneous interactions, rather than an edited photo.

In a survey conducted by Cisco technology company, it has shown that 82% of all internet traffic is generated by videos in 2020. Of course Instagram will follow this trend!

Since the launch of Instagram Stories, the videos on the platform are competing with timeline hits. Do not be surprised if the access in the stories surpasses those of the Timeline.

Meanwhile some studies already show the power of video followers’ engagement. A survey published by the eMarketer communications company pointed out that 86% of people who use the internet watch videos online.

Another important factor that you should take very into consideration is that the videos increase the emotional bond with the followers. So a video or an interaction made through a video has more effect for engaging 2 followers on Instagram.

What is the best way to use the videos on Instagram?

To help you work better with videos on the timeline, do you need to think about what you want to achieve with this video?

This answer will guide your strategy for the video. You may be interested in generating more traffic to your site, in improving your engagement and relationship with your followers I will do a promotion of some product.

bet on the Stories: making preferential daily contact. Tell about your routine things that interest your followers, ask questions, ask opinions and use the poll option!

make lives: this is another way to generate engagement from comprar seguidores reais and get them involved with your

profile. Choose the best times of your audience and enter live.

Timeline videos: Timeline videos can show off making photos, tutorial tips or even asking questions. But to have follower engagement on the timeline is interesting to answer their questions in the comments.

Highlights: This is a tool that allows you to permanently leave the Stories of your Instagram profile indefinitely. To generate more engagement you can choose to tell more about your personal life or answer frequently asked questions about your niche.

Now that you already know that using videos generates more engagement from Instagram followers, how about seeing some tips on how to make good videos? Then read the next topic

How to create good videos for engagement on Instagram?

To create good video content for engaging followers on Instagram You must set your goals, or what do you want with this video? What do you intend with this material?

After that it’s time for you to think about yourself. Persona is the definition of your perfect public semificient the persona is the model of follower (in the case of Instagram). It is based on persona that you create an ideal language and the model of behavior of your follower.

It is based on your persona, you will be created a model of “ideal audience” you will develop the “value content” of your videos.

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