Tips When Renting your First Office Space

Renting your first office space can be tough since you have the responsibility to choose a place that suits everyone’s taste and also represents your company’s identity. While doing this you also have to think about insurance, budget and your life overall.

The process can be stressful so here are some things you should keep in mind while on the search for your perfect office space:


Choose an office location that is reachable to everyone. Check if there are necessary transportation means that can get employees or clients to arrive at the destination. You can choose locations that are in populated areas if you want more foot traffic in your business, but keep in mind that those kinds of locations have their own faults like no parking spaces and loud noises. Try to pick a quitter place with just enough population density and means of transportation. Consult with the rest of your team to find a perfect location solution.

The Contract

Before you rent out the office space, check the lease length. You do not want a long-term engagement until your firm isn’t standing firmly on its feet. Check the condition of the office space; will renovations be needed and who will pay for them. Talk this out with the landlord and consult with experts to know if you are being scammed. There have been cases where landlords promise use of certain amenities and then later charge you for them. Avoid any misunderstandings that might occur and ask questions that might solve and clear-up every possible problem.


When choosing an office space, you should consider the following amenities: nearby or inside cafeterias, security guards; smoke alarms, nearby banks and restaurants. You should also take in mind the office space’s accessibility to people with special needs. Does it have the properly designed lifts, bathrooms and entrances.

Some landlords offer maintenance and repair services. Ask the landlord if this applies to the space, he or she is renting. Also ask about the emergency exits in the building.  


Make sure that the office provides proper parking spaces for your employees. Check if EV chargers are provided and check the amount of car or bicycle parking spaces. If you find an office in the city’s downtown then parking might be an issue. You can try to organize a shared vehicle that will drive the employees to your office space. Ask your employees if they would mind working in a building with no parking spaces.


To ensure that you got a good deal for your office space; make sure to do frequent consultations. Do not be afraid to ask for advice or whether it is from an expert, friends or family. 2 heads think better than 1, so you might be in need for some help. After you get expert consultation make a to-do list or a questionnaire for the landlords. This will help you stay organized.