Three Great Free Traffic Generation Strategies

Master Resale Rights

One of the best ways to drive free, ultra targeted traffic to your website is to offer a product with eCommerce Website Design Agency Directory. Master Resale Rights means people can sell your product and keep all the profits, but they can’t edit the content in any way. This means you can promote your own Ecommerce development services products in these and collect the back-end profits, which is where most of the money is anyway.

Most commonly, MRR products are created as either a PDF document or an audio product. We’re just putting the finishing touches on our latest MRR product now. If you are creating a PDF, I’d recommend making it at least 25 pages.

Ours is about 40 pages, but they can go up to 50 pages. You don’t want it too long, unless you really have a lot of meaty information to convey. I wouldn’t put much filler information in your product just to increase the page numbers.

You can distribute your MRR product on eBay, Backpage, Craigslist or even consider selling it as a Warrior Special Offer on the Warrior Forum. These types of products can drive a lot of traffic to your main offer. I want to emphasize that your MRR product should not be your main offer, and that you should use it for one reason, to generate leads to your main offer and that’s it. Your main offer should start with collecting an opt-in email lead.

Article Marketing

Many people think article marketing is dead, but I can tell you first hand that it’s not. We get targeted email leads every single day from articles we’ve written years ago. I use to write articles for SEO, but these days, I just write what’s on my mind and write with the purpose of helping people better themselves.

I also used to write up to 5 articles per day, but these days I usually only write one long one. I no long try to control what Google does and it this point, can care less what they do. They have their own business to run, and if they want to change their algorithms they’re just going to do it.

There is an upside to this though. Just write to help people, and google will automatically rank you on obscure keywords anyway, and you will get free traffic with your articles. I always make my articles 500-1000 words, but most of them these days are 700 or more. I also like to stick with my main topic when writing articles and try not to include too much fluff. If you ever read an article I write, chances are you will learn something. If you don’t it’s rare or you’re thoroughly familiar with the topic I’m writing about.

Another thing I’ve changed in my article writing strategy, is now I only write for one article directory at a time, or I’ll write an article for the sole purpose of posting it on our blog. I don’t believe tools like content spinners or mass article submissions do any good. I believe people will read your content and look forward to your next articles if you deliver value with your prose. If you can, write one good article per day.

Video Marketing

We use Camtasia and occasionally create videos that teach people how to do very specialized tasks that would make them pull their hair out if they were to try to figure these out on their own. We don’t submit these to Youtube however, we use Amazon S3 and keep these videos in-house for our customers. However, if you wanted to use YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites to get a lot of traffic, share some of your specialized skills on there. People are always very interested in how to do something they don’t know how to do.

When you do create videos for these types of sites, make sure you link back to your main landing page, which again, should only be designed to give something away free and to get their opt-in email address. You can also put a watermark in your video, which is a small image that has your website on it.

It usually goes in the lower right hand corner of the video you create. Video Marketing is getting more competitive, so if you want to make a name for yourself, the key is to localize and specialize. If your offer is global, specialize and target a more tighter segment of folks. If your offer is local, work hard and become the goto guy in your area by creating lots of videos and sending them to your landing page.

Website Marketing Strategies: The 4 Proven Tactics Of Website Promotion

There are many ways to promote your website. This is a small part of traffic generation. Traffic generation to your website is more to pay-per-click strategies from pay-per-click search engines like Google Adwords. For website marketing strategies, you should optimize your website to make it easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to locate your website and direct your customers to it.

1.Keyword Optimization

Let’s say you’re a customer who is looking for a sword as a collectible. If you are looking for a samurai sword, which is called a katana, an obvious word that you type into a search engine box to look for that sword, would of course be ‘katana’. When the search engine generates results for you, you will notice various websites that sell that sword.

Now instead, picture yourself as a retailer who is promoting your samurai swords in your website. Now in order for your customers to look for you, you have to optimize your website title to have the word ‘katana’ in it. However, since there are too many websites that have that keyword on their sites, you have to find other keywords that other people use to search for the katana in your website title as well. You can use this free tool called

Good Keywords to find out what other keyword or keyword phrases they use that have the word ‘katana’in it.

So, when you give a title to your website, it could be – ‘Samurai Swords|Katana|Katana Sanyo’.

2.Site Submission

You can submit your website to various website directories. When you type ‘Submit website’ into a Google search engine box for example, it will list down millions of websites that provide free website submission to established search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN and also other respective search engine websites. It will take you about one to three months to get listed into these search engine directories.

3.Article Marketing

You can write about articles pertaining to the niche that you are in. Let’s say your niche is about coffee beans. You can write good articles to teach people about how to select, roast and brew good coffee beans to make their own cup of coffee. As for every article, in your resource box, write a bit about yourself in a third person format and give a link to your website. When readers appreciate your good article and would like to learn more, they will head down to your website.

It would be very effective if you submit articles automatically using article submission directories. With just one article submission, your article can be submitted to over 500 article directories. If you want to try to submit your articles manually to 500 article directories, well… good luck.

Using this website marketing strategy. when you have submitted just one article to 500 article directories, how many chances are there for people to read and visit your site? Thousands! From just one article, Internet marketers, such as myself see tremendous inprovement in the number of links from article directories to our sites. Meaning to say if I were to create more than 10 articles to optimize or promote one website, how many visitors do you think I’ll receive for that website? Do the math.

4.Link Building

Exchanging links with other recognized websites that have been online for a very long time can help your website gain recognition from search engines. However, emailing every single webmaster of your niche to create a link to your website is a very daunting task.

There are some softwares out there such as SEO Elite that automatically sends out your email to thousands of other webmasters. When some webmasters of high-end sites agree to link to your site, not only can search engines look for you easily, but the visitors of that site can click on your link and head down to your website.

These four website marketing strategies have been proven to work for website promotion. If your website is of good quality content and products, these tactics can help you in your website conversion rate. Website conversion rate is the number of visitors who transform into your customers.