Things to be considered while taking an Internship in Australia

An internship is a particular period of work experience, which is offered by different organizations for a short span of time, in which a person gain the first-hand experience in a particular field. Students or job-seekers (who want to improve their skills in their field) like to get an internship in a particular company. If you want to apply for an internship abroad, Australia is one of the best places in this world to get good internship opportunities in the number of fields according to PGP Australia.

The country offers a mild climate, high quality of living standards, number of traveling spots and exposure to other traditions, customs, and culture. Internships can be paid or unpaid depending on the company and the duration of the work. Australia provides internships in almost all fields, but most of the internships in Australia are unpaid because Australian workplaces consider their interns just like a volunteer rather than a real professional.


Some Australian workplaces just allow interns to observe a particular workplace due to this the reason they do not give salary to their interns however if an intern finishes his or her tasks in the given period of time, he or she considers as an employee and deserve the salary. To become a permanent employee in a particular company, the duration of an internship is taken into consideration by the employers, for example, if the duration of an internship is less than three months then this type of internship is not paid, and it is considered as a workplace observation. So if you want a paid internship in Australia, then make sure that the duration of your internship should be more than three months.

Things you should consider before undertaking an internship in Australia are as follows:

  • You must have a clear vision about what you want to practice and how a particular workplace will support you for the same.
  • Your English speaking skills should be good so that you can explain your point of view to your teammates or to your employer.
  • You should have at least basic knowledge in your domain or build a proper portfolio for yourself which shed light on your skills.

Let’s talk about how to get an internship in this prestigious country (Australia)

  • Identify your career path and then try to enhance the basis of that particular area.
  • If you are a student, discuss to your teachers about the various fields in which Australia offers job opportunities in the form of an internship.
  • Australia is a diverse country so choose an appropriate location for your internship.
  • The best time for an internship in Australia is Northern Hemisphere summer as it is during summer break.
  • Give your name in different organizations, which will let you know different internship options according to your degree and interests.

Benefits of undertaking an internship are as follows:

  • Helping to improve practical knowledge
  • Helping you to increase friends circle your field, which would be beneficial for future References
  • Help to improve work skills
  • Useful to get the knowledge that how things work in the real world

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