The Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring in a GDPR World

Employee monitoring is staff’s control over the latest technology devices so they can monitor their Internet usage and other activities such as voice calls and text messages. It generally happens because most organizations and companies have their policies for monitoring their employees.

If you getrewarded with numerous benefits, there are also disadvantages and for any violation you can be fined up to 20,000,000 EUR.

Benefits of employee monitoring
Increase employee productivity:

It is a clear fact: when they monitor employees at work, they work better and also increase their final performance. Most companies and organizations have their policies to monitor employees because they want their employees to make an effective contribution.

Assessment of employee performance:

Monitoring employees with the right technology tools such as Data leak prevention software is a perfect fit, providing a thorough analysis of what employees have been doing over the year or over some time. The records allowed the owners and managers of the company to evaluate employees best.

Manage the office properly:

Supervision of employees is the best way to ensure proper management and administration using Data leak prevention software. Everything will get done in the right way, the staff will work during the working hours, the administrative staff will oversee and take care of the general affairs, and the bosses can finally breathe easy.

Pay attention to whereabouts of the employees:

The important thing is to keep control over the staff by monitoring the entire team in your officewith the help of 100% stealth. Things can get stolen, one of your employees could take things from others, and there could be another workplace accident to control all of them.

Disadvantages of employee monitoring
Busy under stress:

Although we humans work better under surveillance, it is also a fact that the supervision of employees can be stressed, which also affects their productivity. Employees feel insecure when they know that they are under surveillance and that every one of their activities is under control.

Reduce confidence:

Certainly, trust in monitoring employees has a profound impact. If proper oversight performs with the written consent of the employees, the trust will not be what it will be when it gets done without informing employees. If employees do not know they are being spied on, they are offended and may even leave work.

It costs a lot of money:

It is very expensive when installing the complete software for the employees. Monitoring applications currently do most monitoring, and these applications are very expensive. Those with lower prices do not work as needed, but those that are perfect and exceptional to achieve the desired results are expensive.


Each part has a good and bad side, but the cons are in the minority when a detailed analysis takes place.