The History of Wooden Pallets in Denver

Wood pallets in Denver have a fascinating history. Since the 1900s, wooden pallets have played a pivotal role in the international transportation industry. It can be used everywhere from storage facilities to DIY furniture projects. Did you know, during World War II, pallets played a crucial role in supply efforts, employing millions of pallets along supply lines?

Here is some colorful history of wood pallets that you should know before you seek the help of it.

Today’s Wooden Pallets Vs. 20th-century Wooden Pallets

In the early 20th century, goods and other items were shipped using wooden barrels, boxes and kegs. With these methods, it took a long time to load and unload the goods, and was often heavy and cumbersome to handle it. But, now it’s not like that; today’s wooden pallets can withstand incredible pressure and weight. They are designed to be easily transported, loaded, and unloaded.

Around 1930, the first wood pallet was invented. Which is nailed across two or more runner boards only and it doesn’t look like today’s classic and solid model. Today’s Denver pallets will withstand enormous weights and which can easily lift by forklift. From the 20th century to now, the only thing which is same is its material. Yes, pallets were made out of wood; it is cost effective and strong enough material which withstands the forces imposed with high stacking storage.

Today’s Pallets

Did you know there are currently around 450 million new pallets produced in North America each year and that 1.9 billion are in use at any given time?

Nowadays, pallets will be in 48-inch by 40-inch, but pallet sizes weren’t always standardized or square. Some measured as large as four by eight feet and other as little as three by three feet. Although many businesses used different types of wood to cut costs, the 48-inch by 40-inch size was relatively uniform across the country.


It’s safe to say that wood pallets played a hugely important role in the development of the shipping industry, but also the global economy. In fact, during World War II, pallets played a crucial role in supply efforts, employing millions of pallets along supply lines.

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