Setting Up Your Home Office

Offices are no longer cubicles not when you can work from home. Working from home has now become a norm, and now many professionals have started towards leaning towards home offices. Many office interior designers in Bangalore have some great ideas on how to set up your very own home office.


Choosing or placing the desk is the most crucial step as the whole space centres around the desk. Office interior designers in Bangalore recommend that a desk should be uncluttered and items to keep minimal as possible. Having a clear space will assist in spreading out reference or files needed to complete the assignment. At the same time, the elbow should ergonomically rest on the table parallel to the computer to avoid the strain to reduce strain on their arms. If the computer is a desktop, use storage boxes or stand-alone shelves with in and out trays to segregate your files and work.


Office interior designers in Bangalore stress the importance of proper lighting as poor lighting will cause eye and head strain and affect your productivity. Placing your desk near a window or any other source of natural light is a good start. Integrate daylighting as much as possible to reduce the use of electricity.Position the lamp in a way that gives adequate lighting in the absence of natural light and does not project a glare on the computer screen.


Next comes the storage requirements for the home office. Most Office interior designers in Bangalore use storage options that will help in keeping your official papers, pins, clips and other essentials accessible and tidy. Easy to access boxes, folders, drawers and boxes to store wires and cables are a must. Opt for open shelves or deep shelves that can hold magazine files, boxes to keep all wires and so on. Use drawer dividers for stationery and other small items.


When working from home, it is paramount that you have the privacy needed to complete your office work without any distractions. Using headphones will get privacy,but it is not a practical solution. Curtains or portable screeners can be used to shield the office space. Alternatively, using bookshelves to demarcate the area is also an effective way to ensure privacy,and it also offers superior storage solutions.


Office interior designers in Bangalore stress that the home office design should ergonomically be designed so that it does not affect your well-being. Use chairs that give comfortable seating. The chair should have a pelvis balance point and free shoulder technology. Footrests, ergonomic accessories such as a mouse, keypad and others are an excellent addition to your home office. These additions will make you comfortable and work stress-free.

When setting up a home office, add some potted plants for livelier surroundings. You can also add some photo frames or some inspirational posters to keep you motivated.

Planning a home office by using these tips is an effortless process. If you are looking for some more design ideas, then we at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.