Second Mortgage in Toronto: Crucial Factors to Consider

If you plan to get a second mortgage in Toronto, it is necessary that you consider all crucial factors seriously. You would never want to get in a binding contract long term and end up full of regrets.

Important factors to consider when getting a second mortgage in Toronto

Hire a mortgage broker

It is highly recommended that instead of working on your second mortgage in Toronto yourself, hire someone to do the legwork for you. The job is not easy and hiring someone to perform all the daunting task for you is highly encouraged.

Ask yourself, “Do I really need it?”

Do not rush applying for a second mortgage in Toronto unless you are sure you really need one. First, this may change the interest of your existing mortgage to a higher rate, and second, this will extend the life of your loan.

Know its advantages and disadvantages

Just like any loans, the second mortgage in Toronto has its own advantages and disadvantages, and for someone who is planning to pursue it, he or she should know and consider not just the advantages but its disadvantages as well.


  • Can give you an opportunity to have tremendous amount of money
  • The interest on your second mortgage is tax deductible, same to the interest on the first mortgage
  • Lower interest rate compared to interest rates on other loans and credit cards


  • Home is at risk. Just like any secured loans, if you failed to pay your debt, repossession is possible
  • The life of the loan will be extended. So, instead that your loan is almost paid off you have to add more years to it

Get as many options as possible

Do not settle for just 2 or 3 lender options, get as many as you can. This can give you the opportunity to compare rates, charges and the like. You can go from one lender to another, or you can ask a mortgage broker to collect all the information you need to know. This will give you the opportunity to get the best available second mortgage in Toronto.

Ask question

Whether you plan to go to lenders yourself or hire a mortgage broker, it is necessary that you ask as many questions as possible. Rates, early payoff, late fees and the like are factors you need to clarify. Never sign a contract unless everything is clear and agreeable to you.

There are many good reasons why would you consider getting a second mortgage in Toronto. It offers benefits to those who are looking at investing, opening a business, consolidating debts and more. But of course, you must weigh things wisely and take this loan option to your advantage.