Roberto Hroval – Is Biomass Ultima Technology The Next Big Thing?

Many countries around the world face an energy problem. Most energy options contribute to further pollution of the environment. Some countries are embracing green energy and are actually investing in research for the best green energy solutions. Organizations too are investing in the research of technology-driven solutions and are actually making progress, one such organization is the PatentReal Corp.

This is a technology-driven solutions provider that has caused waves around the world because of its interesting innovative solutions for different industries. The company actually took a great initiative towards dealing with the energy problem that many countries are facing.

What is PatentReal Corp. all about?

The company was created by the ever amazing serial entrepreneur and solution-oriented Roberto Hroval. The aim was offering innovative technology-driven solutions to the whole world. Roberto has been known for many great innovations and just like with all his other innovation the Biomass Ultima technology has no doubt a great future. His desire to accomplish great things resulted in him founding a private research institute back in 2008.

About Roberto Hroval

Mr. Roberto Hroval has rightfully earned the title, “serial entrepreneur” scientist and innovator. He began his career at age of fifteen in father´s garage by producing first-class hi-fi components. His later projects the antistatic solution for the car industry, earned him his first million. With the money, he financed other projects. He has to-date developed more than thirty projects and products to varied industries in EU, China, and the USA. In the last years, he specialized in developing solutions for green energy industry which has warmly welcomed his ideas.  

Solving an energy problem

Under the direction of Roberto Hroval, the company actually made huge progress towards dealing with the common energy problem. They have managed to in the process to create the best solutions for green energy. Energy is always a big part of all economies and it often times drives all the other aspects of any economy. With the different forms of energy already in place, that is why global warming is at an all-time high.

An emission-free biomass technology

This is why the company is giving the world a new emission-free biomass technology known as the Biomass Ultima technology which makes Eastern Europe the provider of the best Green energy. Biomass is one of the most common energy sources especially in countries where there are large forests. However, its use has resulted in drying chipped wood, limited efficiency, cinder creation and the presence of wooden tar in the engine used for powering an electric generator. The use of biomass also equals lengthy repairs, high expenses, and too much heat production. Considering all those negative aspects of biomass, the PatentReal Corp. finally offers the new technology-driven solution that will make that much-needed difference.

The source

Croatia and Eastern Europe have become the source of this most advanced technology for the production of electrical energy from biomass. The process is not only completely green and emission-free, but it also offers the highest utilization rate in the industry.

There are no doubts that Ultima technology is taking the concept to this impressive whole new level. According to Ing. Danijel Maric, a Project manager and representative of Croatia investors, ” This is the first project of this kind in Europe and even global. It is also a cornerstone for a very profitable production of electrical energy gained from wooden biomass and for the production of organic carbon. I estimate that this will bring changes to the methods of producing green energy in the future,”

The bi-product of organic carbon can now be reprocessed into high-quality active carbon thanks to Biomass Ultima. This active carbon can be well utilized in areas of agriculture and medicine. Its affordability is also what makes this solution special and unique.

PatentReal Corp. has been working on this project since 2009 and finally, Roberto Hroval and his team of professionals are now already taking Croatia to the world. The technology is very appealing in that it offers better protection for the environment and economic efficiency.

A Great Market demand.

The Croatian government’s Alternative Energy Source program currently offers long-term, 14-year contracts for the purchase of electricity of approx. €200/MWh, but the government has decided to switch to the so-called “quota system”, in the near future.

It is clear that the market need for this kind of green technology is high. More governments are realizing its benefits and embracing the energy solution. Unlike other competitive ideas, the Biomass Ultima technology offers this very high level of support guarantees, service response and more usable output products. That makes it a very appealing idea.

With most of the world striving to go green such green energy solutions are always welcome and will always get the attention of governments and corporations alike. Anything that means making the environment better and saving on energy costs is always interesting and everyone that matters will always sit back and listen as has been the case with the Biomass Ultima Technology. There is no doubt that will be one of the next big things.