Record retention and disposition programme

Record retention programme is developed mainly to enable the organization to destroy all the valueless records and also helps in reducing the staff requirements for handling and managing all the information. All the valueless records are destroyed at the appropriate time which helps in freeing some space up. Some records are kept for a longer time because they are kept as a regal record. Other records which are not of any use can be destroyed with the help of record retention programme at the earliest possible date. In this way, the best interest of the organization can be met. Smart shelf display is very important in the efficient working of an organization.

In all the governmental work, all the lawyers and accountants advise their clients to maintain all the legal records permanently. Maintaining these records help in all legal processes. All the legal processes can be easily conducted help these legal records. The legal records are also very helpful in all the governmental investigations. The government records are not so easily destroyed; they are destroyed only after full confidence that all the work has been done related to those documents

Components of record retention programme

Different publications have different record retention programs; they have developed a variety of record attention program and disposition programmes according to the needs of various organizations. We should also make sure that proper rules and regulations must be followed in order to carry out these programmes.

 The record retention program should be systematically developed. If the program is developed in the ordinary course of business, then the record retention programme is said to be systematically developed programme. When all the record values are properly determined, the programme is said to be a documented one. In this way, the programme is approved.