Outdoor Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses mostly do not have the luxury of keeping a huge budget for advertising spends. Also, since the business owner is ever busy trying to run and grow their small business, they doesn’t have extra time to focus on planning and implementing a proper marketing and advertising strategy. When you are running your own small business, it’s like a one-man-show. You are responsible for everything including recruiting and training, supervising, invoicing, financing, selling, delivering and the list goes on. However, there is a dire need to somehow fit in an advertising plan.

Before you begin to set up your advertising campaign, you need to outline multiplefactors which will have a direct impact on your marketing strategy. You need the following:

  • Define your advertising goals.
  • Decide what exactly you want to promote.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Identify where you’ll find your target audience.
  • Decide the timing of your campaign.
  • Set an advertising budget.
  • Decide the advertising media.
  • Create the advertising message including graphics.
  • Measure the results and check customer response.

Here are some interesting ideas for outdoor advertising of small business:

Add Signage to Your Location:

Remember that the people who approach your business, take with them an idea or opinion about it. The area right outside your store or business comes handy and can help you make an impact. To attract prospective customers, add a captivating and well-lit signage that advertises your store or business favourably. Ensure that you follow local zoning rules too.

Use Human Billboards:

In order to catch the attention of passers-by towards your business, you can even hire a human billboard or a sign spinner service. These people stand at the street corner with a sign or an advertising message and are usually paid hourly.

Purchase Billboard Space:

In order to reach out to local customers, you can purchase advertising space on a local billboard. This form of outdoor advertising is mostly relevant for drive-by businesses such as restaurants or department stores.

Advertise with Digital Outdoor Signage:

You may find digital outdoor signage with rotating advertising messages in major cities or tourist places. When you use this media to advertise in the vicinity of major events or conventions, there are more chances of reaching your target audience.

Wrap Your Vehicle:

If your business uses various vehicles to service appointments or to make deliveries, then you can buy “vehicle wraps” which will change your mode of transportation into a mobile billboard. Even while it is not being used for transit, you may park your wrapped vehicle in front of your store or business to help build your brand image.

Make It Captivating:

You have to ensure that your outdoor advertisement is big and bold so that the viewer is able to get the message in less than five seconds. Or else, it would be more of a hit or miss for your prospective customer.