Majed Alhamad, Professional Tutor Shares How to Encourage Your Child to Read More

Reading is a vital skill to have both inside and outside of the classroom. Even in an age where physical text is shrinking, reading is still necessary for communication. At times, it can be difficult to motivate your child to read. Here are five ways to help your child to develop a love for reading, detailed by Majed Alhamad – professional tutor and skilled educator:

Read Every Day

Habits are formed through consistent practice. Reading should be done daily, and not only to complete a homework assignment. Reading can be done solo, with a parent or sibling, or as a whole family practice. Daily reading exposes your child to new vocabulary, phonics, and information.

Child’s Choice 

Children are more engaged in reading when the text is based upon their interests. There are books across many topics, such as animals, fantasy, or even their favorite video games. Take them to the local library to let them browse the titles and check out a few books.

Take Advantage of Technology

Reading is no longer confined to a physical book. There are numerous apps and websites that children can use to read stories and work on skills such as comprehension and phonemic awareness. Some apps require a paid subscription while others are free to use. Some examples include Starfall, PBS Kids, BOB Books, and ABC Mouse. You can also download children’s stories to e-readers and tablets. Some libraries have an e-book checkout system where the book will stay on your device for a specific amount of time.

Select Books Based on Age and Skill Level

Selecting age-appropriate text is important in developing a love for reading. A child would be frustrated trying to read a book that is years past their skill level, or they would be bored reading a book that is too easy for them. Simply search for books based age and grade level and lists of titles will come up. Librarians and teachers can also assist in finding books appropriate for them to read.

Develop Language

Reading does not have to be a passive activity. When reading a story to your child, ask them questions about the story. Or, you can ask them to predict what will happen next. This helps them develop their language through communication as well as reading comprehension. If the text is at their level, switch the roles and have them read to you or the whole family.

In Closing

It is important for your child to develop a love for reading. Exploring your child’s interests and giving them options helps them create a personal connection to reading. Using the suggestions not only encourages your child to read more, but it also creates positive reading habits for the entire family.

About Majed Alhamad:

An experienced and talented educator, Majed Alhamad is a professional tutor who can inspire any student to learn. Mr. Alhamad understands that everyone learns differently, and thus structures his lessons so that every student has the opportunity to grasp and acquire the material, whether it’s algebra or English literature.