Los Angeles Retrofitting Contractor: How to Choose The Right One.


It’s imperative that your Los Angeles retrofitting Contractors has recent experience in soft-story Retrofit construction that is verifiable. Be sure to make this a considerable part of your evaluation process when choosing a retrofitting contractor for your Soft-Story project.
Selecting an under-qualified soft-story contractor can be the difference between completing the job within just eight weeks of construction and enduring an eight month nightmare!

Ask your prospective Los Angeles retrofitting contractor for a list of current projects they are working on and insist on visiting these job sites in person. A qualified contractor will be able to quickly provide you with a long list of projects they take pride in and will ensure you do a site visit. If you can’t get the Los Angeles retrofitting contractor to do so you should consider an alternative option. There are contractors out there that have multiple projects they’d be happy to share with you.


A reputable retrofitting contractor gets the job done the first time around and does not end up with negative customer experiences and bad online reviews. When you speak with a contractor be sure to request at minimum three to five references – clients that they’ve done work for. Also, be sure to discuss their experiences with you on the phone or in person. What they tell you will serve as a preview into the experience you will have with them as well.


Competing a soft story project from A to Z is not easy task and definitely not for the inexperienced. Multiple factors must be considered during the phases of the project and it’s critical that communications be streamlined and effective in order for the project to be completed without unnecessary complications during production.

While interviewing your retrofitting contractor, be sure to evaluate their communication ability as well as their timeliness. This will be a good indicator of the communications you’ll experience during the execution of the project. If a contractor mis-communicates or responds slowly then this is a good indication of how things will be run when they land your project.

Our advice: When evaluating a Los Angeles retrofitting contractor, spend the time and do your research.