Lift Modernization

Over the period of time we have observed a slow transition from the traditional to modern society with the development of societies undergoing the process of modernization. Similarly the Elevator Industry has evolved globally with the adoption of data technology. Elevating Studio prepares lift specifications right from the nascent stage of the building projects. We make elevators which are reliable, comfortable, easily accessible and in line with the modern safety standards. This is done keeping in mind the aesthetics of the building and also the client’s budget and requirements.  

Lift Modernization is much needed when your elevator has started to loose its performance with the maintenance cost rising or when it is difficult to manage the excessive waiting times. The average life span of an elevator is 15 – 20 years after which it reaches the end of cost effectiveness and may be considered for Modernization. There two ways to do it either you can opt for a Full Lift Replacement solution which is without making any disruption to life at your building and all within your budget. Under Modernization you may upgrade the individual elements or the entire system to improve the overall lift performance. Elevating studio carries out a detailed check of the lift equipment through experienced professionals and may suggest minor replacements or recommend full replacements.

We provide the design and audit services to improve the performance and safety for existing and new escalator systems of any type of buildings. Our focus is to improve the overall use and effectiveness of the building systems while interacting with people. This makes a big difference with lesser noise, better riding comfort, and more flexibility all with a compact design while providing a variety of machines, fixtures and door operators. We work with you to create a plan which is unique and suits your building; an expert is dedicated to look after every stage of modernization. Then he would carry out easy installation and once your project is over we ensure that it has provided 100% satisfaction and delivers the quality results we have targeted.

Lift Modernization is necessary to make the lift systems up to date with the latest codes and regulations. We work with you identify the needs for modernization of your elevator and improve the ride quality and enhance the appearance of the lifts also. We create a win win solution for both the owner and the lift management company through the timely lift management services. The time taken to modernize a lift depends upon the extent of equipment to be changed, the number of floors and type of configurations required.

It is a vital process required the critical parts of the escalator to incorporate latest technology, improved performance and also making it visually appealing. Elevating studio works on escalator projects round the world and provides building design and asset management services for any building systems. Have successfully inspected, tested and certified projects both locally and internationally. The team members have the requisite know how and experience to deal with latest technologies and different types of building situations.