Learn to keep Instagram followers interested!

Winning followers on Instagram can be an easy task. For this we have several texts that can help you in this mission, just click here! But more than being in the daily race to get more followers, you need to think about keeping the followers of Instagram.

Have you ever thought about it? What’s the use of investing time to catch followers if it is to soon lose them. This is why you should know some tips for keeping Instagram followers. See below and understand where to start!

Hit the basics to keep Instagram seguidores!

It’s no use if you want to apply advanced techniques to conquer or keep Instagram followers if you miss the basics! So let’s “go over” some basic details, to get you all set in order! Check out:

  • Profile: must have good photo that shows the person of the profile or represents well the niche of actuation;
  • Biography: Clear, concise and objective information. Containing name, purpose of account
  • Username: should be simple and easy to remember;
  • Posts and stories: should have a daily or weekly frequency, with interesting content and caption that pass interesting information to the follower;
  • Interaction: Make time to interact with potential followers and also to respond to and maintain current followers.

Now that you’ve checked out the basics you should be doing right on your profile, will we learn more about keeping followers on Instagram? Then read the next tip.

Look for innovation in your niche!

Innovation on the internet is something fundamental! With the agility of information, everything changes very fast in modern times. What is new and attracts followers now, may not give the same result, or arouse interest in a few days.

So to take advantage of the news and keep Instagram followers interested in your profile, ship know the news first!

Yes, you will have to spend time, to research what happens and what is high in your market. The sooner you post and inform about new topics in your niche, the more credibility you will have!

This credibility generates an interaction of the followers themselves, who will closely follow your profile because you know about it before. They can also share your content or mark friends in your post

So invest in knowing about your niche, this will keep the followers of Instagram and still help you to conquer new ones!

Create engagement with posts!

Agora que você já conquistou usuários, precisa criar engajamento para manter os seguidores no Instagram! As pessoas que seguirem o seu perfil precisam se sentir atraídas a ficar.

Algo tem que chamar a atenção para que elas cliquem, comentem e gostem de fazer parte dos seus seguidores. A maneira mais legal de fazer isso é interagindo com você!

Portanto, aqui vamos reforçar a importância da sua principal ferramenta do Instagram: as postagens! Saiba que é fundamental manter uma frequência razoável de postagens para poder ter engajamento — reforçamos porque é importante.

Isso fará com que a pessoa se acostume a ver as suas postagens diariamente e criem o costume de ver sua postagem e acompanhar. A vontade de participar — que é o engajamento— vem automaticamente quando o conteúdo é interessante.

Então umas regrinhas básicas para o engajamento são:

  • Post nice pictures and interesting videos;
  • Make your captions interesting;
  • Make polls in the captions or in the photo;
  • Please reply and comment shortly.

Be useful to keep your followers and win new ones!

Answer the questions and comments on your Instagram profile in a helpful and friendly way. Be kind to your followers and interact positively with them. This is a way to “help” them and keep their followers.

Social networks are used for interaction, no matter if it’s the follower with the brand or the digital influencer, he wants to feel “close” to you or your company. So useful answers to questions are an optimal form of interaction.

Another way to be useful is to make a series of videos answering the main questions and letting us profile highlights. If you feel valid and feel safe enough, bet on lives or IGTV!

Use our tips to keep Instagram followers! Want to learn more, read our text “seguidores no Instagram