Learn About Industrial Chillers in Detail from This Expert

Industrial Chillers are known as the refrigeration systems that are used to cool a process fluid or dehumidifies air used in commercial and industrial facilities. An industrial chiller uses a vapour compression or an absorption cycle for cooling. Chilled water is also used which has various uses like and applications like from space cooling to process uses. There are majorly three different types of chillers: air chiller, water, and evaporative condensed chiller. Then there are subcategories of these types of chillers namely: reciprocating, centrifugal, screw driven, and absorption chillers. The first three mentioned are mechanical chillers while the absorption chiller uses a heat source. The ETC-series industrial chillers of Envisys Technologies are the ones to look for.

Features Of Industrial Chillers

  • This series of Industrial Chillers are built to operate in stringent ambient conditions with continuous functionality and applications.
  • The industrial chillers of this series consist of eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • Also comprises of hermetic scroll or reciprocating compressors.
  • The condenser of ETC-series industrial chillers’ is the finned coil in addition with copper tubes and with aluminium fins.
  • The axial fans of the industrial chillers are die-casted with aluminium and strong crescent-shaped blades.
  • Besides the industrial chillers of this series use BHP for evaporation.
  • For storage, there is a tank with filling or drain valves also with the pumps and with pressure gauge as well.
  • Level sensors are yet another salient feature of these industrial chillers.
  • You toggle between the refrigerant pressure low or high-pressure switches are installed.
  • The compressor crankcase heater can also be found in these industrial chillers.

Working Of Industrial Chillers

Usually, in cooling applications, a pumping system tends to circulate cool water or glycol solution from the chiller to that process. Now, this cool liquid is responsible for removing heat from the process and the warm fluid comes back to the chiller. These chillers contain a specific compound known as a refrigerant. The basic principle of any refrigerant is the compression and phase-change from liquid and gas and back to liquid. This entire process of heating and cooling of refrigerant and its phase-change is called refrigeration cycle. The refrigeration cycle begins with a low-pressure entering the evaporator where it is heated and the refrigerant changes to low-pressure gas. Then the low-pressure gas is converted into a high-pressure gas. The high-pressure gas is then cooled down to a high-pressure liquid. This high-pressure liquid travels into the expansion valve to determine how much liquid refrigerant must enter the evaporator and the entire cycle starts over.

Wrap up

The Industrial Chillers can be found in the commercial and industrial sector both. And there are various industries or companies selling these industrial chillers so they aren’t that hard to pin down. The chillers come in many shapes and sizes as per the one’s requirements. Small, localized and portable chillers are used for smaller applications while the larger chillers are usually used to provide cooling to an entire process. No matter the size and shape, the basic principle of any chiller is to move heat from one location to another.