Know Why Thermal Shock Chamber Is Used?

When a thing is exposed to environment it is subjected to several environmental stresses like temperature and climatic changes, corrosion etc. Even they face sudden shocks because of the instant and repeat transfer from a very high temperature to low temperature. This is the place where the climatic chambers for testing the thermal shocks are utilised for subjecting the given sample to severe shocks. The main aim is to recognize the presence of certain defective things or those that are subjected to infantile mortality. This is mainly used in electronics sectors.

How thermal shock chamber are used?

At first the given sample is kept in a movable basket that transfers it from a cold area to hot area and again vice versa for several numbers of cycles. In this chamber there are more than two test compartments and the sample can be easily passed from one to another very rapidly like within 10 seconds. The test compartments temperature and the method of testing are based on the needs of the standard that defines some specific cycle that has to be performed. The primary aim of these tests is to see the behaviour of a product when it goes through a thermal shock. In such cases the test sample may get heated up or cooled depending on various speeds solely depending on the type of material. If this leads to very large enhancement or decrease in the volume, then the given material have to suffer from some sort of mechanical stresses thereby leading to failure. Thus, thermal shock chambers helps i recognizing weak part of a thing that may get damaged when subjected to thermal shock. Thus, we can say that a thermal shock chamber is used for bringing out any potential defects that are present in products, components or the process of production. Therefore, before production process all modification can be done to enhance the performance of the product.

So, if you have decided to buy a thermal shock chamber then buy a one from Envisys Technologies. The thermal shock chamber from Envisys is available in several volumes that suits different testing requirements. It has both vertical as well as horizontal models that comprise both cold and hot zones along with product carrier basket of different size that transfer the specimen between hot and cold zones by utilizing electro pneumatic or motorized basket movement. But it is better to use electronic boards that are used for aeronautic applications. A minor fault in electronic circuit during thermal shock, mainly in time during which shock is greater than maximum resistance of the material. One of the problems that may arise is pin breakage or welds failure in case the materials are having varied thermal expansion coefficients. Moreover, the ovens available with Envisys Technologies are made from high quality material and last very long.