Job Openings You Need To See In Modesto, California

If you are looking for direction in your professional life, you might find some comfort in knowing that there are a wide variety of different food service and products jobs available. While not a conventional career path, working in the food industry can be both exciting and rewarding.

Far from just being reserved for chefs and restauranteurs, the foodservice industry provides access to a diverse array of different jobs and career paths.

Today, we are going to show you just a small sample, pun intended, of the food service jobs that have opened here in sunny Modesto, CA.

Back in 2016, the restaurant industry of the United States posted sales totals surpassing $780 billion dollars. With over 14 million individual workers in the industry, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to diminish the viability of a career in food products and services.

These restaurants and their loyal patrons need access to the food that your work could serve to provide. Now, we aren’t talking about farming or preparing food. We aren’t even talking about serving.

We are talking about all the fascinating careers that are required in order to get food produced and to the table at your favorite local restaurant or personal kitchen.

Here in Modesto, Stanislaus Food Products jobs are currently available in the following areas:

  • Cannery Mechanic – You’ll work at ground zero of the food processing world. You’ll work at the behest of your Superintendent and Supervisor as you maintain and repair all the cannery equipment that is so vital for daily operation.
  • Customer Relations Specialist – In order to maintain a healthy relationship with customers, you’ll oversee providing the superior customer service that Stanislaus Food Products is known for. You’ll take calls, navigate conversation and provide solutions all while exhibiting fantastic listening skills.
  • Boiler Room Operator – If you don’t mind wiping some sweat off your brow, working in the boiler room can be a rewarding career path. In this job, you’ll work under your superintended or supervisor as you provide maintenance, support, and repairs for all boiler room equipment.

While many different industries and sectors are beholden to the mood swings of the national economy, careers in the food product world are steady as can be. This is just a small sampling of the amazing careers available to you. Apply today and find a career that brings you joy and financial stability!

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