Interview With The Best Network Marketer Of India

Here’s a short interview with one of the best network marketer of India who’s given this industry almost 17 years and grown himself into a legend, Prince Saini. Here’s the book of secrets entailed among us in form of the following interview. So, why wait? Let’s get started.

Q: Share your vision about Network Marketing.

A: Vision itself is a big word but I would say Network Marketing is the eighth wonder of the world which allows & empowers people to achieve their life goals. Having committed almost 17 years to this industry, I’ve learned way more than I imagined about and whatever I am today, the complete credit goes to the design on which this industry works.

Q: When and how did you start your Network Marketing journey.

A: I was working in Europe and getting good perks, but I soon realized that I have big dreams which would never be fulfilled if I stick down with my job. Later in my life, I committed myself to become resolute and make my life a bit more purposeful. It was then when I left almost everything and joined Network Marketing full time.

Q: Did you find any breaking point in your carrier as Network Marketer, if yes, how did you recovered.

A: Actually, I believe there were many and it’s not surprising that life is always full of challenges. Each time when I faced difficulty, I faced them head-on. During this time frame, I also trained my mind to be more resilient and focused towards the solution so as to get ahead of the situation and become better, on each passing occasion.

Q: What makes you successful

A: For me, I believe in helping others, making them a better version of themselves. This is what makes me successful. I thrive every day to enforce people to scale up because if I don’t make them do this and upgrade their lifestyle, they’ll soon encounter stagnancy, where again, nothing grows!

Q: Can you share some of your secret Mantra of success.

A: Consistency, in my opinion, is the necessary mantra if you want to be successful. Success never comes to knock your door, you have to get out, get wild and knock it out!

It’s an old saying that “success never comes to those, who just think about success” and it’s pretty much true in every case. I started in Network marketing with just one connection and right now, I have more than five thousand people, it would have never been possible without consistency & hard work.

Q: Where do you see the scope of Network Marketing in the next 5 years or a decade.

A: Network marketing has already grown to a massive stage, adapting with the latest trends on social media & the internet, it’s again shaping up. Further, in the next decade, the industry would be highly shaped by the young blood and their perceptions.

Network Marketing carries the potential of becoming the only profession where you earn, learn & grow simultaneously which makes it both, valuable & lucrative.

Q: Any short valuable advise you would like to share with the audience.

A: My advice to all my fellow networkers would be to become better at prospecting. The reason behind this is, prospecting is the foundation of your network, and if you look forward to a stronger network, you should value this skill. If you could master prospecting, you can win the race of building a quality network. Remember, your network is your net worth.

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