Importance of right frequency and timing for a Push Notification

The digital industry of mobile apps is becoming more aware of push notifications as several businesses are adopting this strategy to reach their regular customers. Push notifications are the best way to even reach new potential customers, however, the frequency, and timing of these notifications is the biggest concern for every business owner. So, do you know how many times your app should send a notification to your customers?

There is no definite way of knowing the exact number of push notifications that your app should send to the customers. As some of the apps send notifications around 1 to 2 per week while other send around 7 to 10 notifications per week. Thus, it entirely depends on the type of the app, and the features it has along with the owner’s decision. We tried to confirm the same from multiple teams, and the guys at Gamooga were the first to respond in helping us create this article with their knowledge about the services.

Why should you send the push notifications to your customers in the first place?
Can you remember a day when you’ve made no attempt to look at the screen of your mobile or when you did not receive an alert about the new apps that your friends or family are using? Now, you see why sending the push notifications is important for every app’s success. These alerts drive a quite strong audience toward the app through mobile engagement and it is no longer just an additional option to have for an app. As a must feature if you wish for your app to succeed then you should consider below statistics to know why push notifications are an essential part of mobile marketing –

1. The use of this feature by a business owner helps them to boost their business by engaging around 80% to 85% of users. Although you need to ensure the right frequency of the notifications that you send across to the customers as these alerts vary based on the apps of the industry and its end users.

2. Now when the user enables the push for themselves almost 60% to 65% of the users return to the app to use it. This shows that push notifications are beneficial and a right strategy to grow a business.

3.  It also leaves a positive impact on the user they would come back to your app and know about the new offers and discounts you may be offering.

The frequency of push notifications
As mentioned above the frequency of push notifications ranges from one brand to another and the number of pushes mainly depends on several factors of business that an owner needs to consider. Also, unique and different content carrying notifications is best as they can be sent frequently to the customers while alerts with the same content should only be spent at large intervals of time.

1. If your app is new then you can start with sending push notifications to around 3 to 4 times a day with different content
2. For gaming type app, once or a maximum of twice notifications in one day is enough
3. For a fitness app, 4 to 5 times of sending notifications a week is sufficient

The timing of sending push notifications
Push notifications work pretty well when their content is relevant, interesting, eye-catching, and timely curated to be sent to the customer. The timing of push notifications plays an important part when it comes to targeting the right audience because based on the time zones push notifications to enable customers to visit your app thus increasing your business. Also, as no one likes to be contacted at odd hours, it is better to consider the timing of sending the notification to ensure that your customers receive the notification at the time when they can return to your app.