How to Thrive at Interview When Applying for a Cannabis Job?

You will have probably noticed that there has been a massive rise in the number of cannabis jobs that have been listed recently. New businesses are launching daily right across the USA, so you need to be equipped and ready to shine at interview to maximize your chances of securing one of these competitive jobs. Here are some tips to follow to guarantee success.

Don’t Call It Marijuana

The cannabis industry is desperately trying to shake off the negative stereotypes of stoned teens that seems to resonate with some. So, we would recommend that you stay clear of calling cannabis “marijuana” or “weed”. The word cannabis gives connotations of a more serious industry rather than a colloquial term such as “weed”.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

You want to show that you are engaged and interested when you apply for a job. Therefore, by asking questions, you will show to your interviewer that you want to find out more. There will be plenty of questions for you to ask, and it will encourage your interviewer to talk more so the interview will turn more into a conversation, which can only help take the pressure off you.

Communicate Your Passion for the Industry

You don’t need to be a regular user of cannabis in order to have a good knowledge and passion for the industry. Some employers actually prefer employees that don’t use cannabis but instead are able to communicate in a clear and effective way the details of each strain and their effects on the user. There will be people who will come into a dispensary for example who have never used cannabis before, so you need to be the person that is able to educate them in a short period of time on what is the best strain for them to use.

Your interviewer will most likely ask you the question “What is your relationship with cannabis?”. If you provide an answer that the interviewer likes, you will be an instant contender for the job. If you show passion for the benefits of cannabis and its potential, you will do well. If you just speak about how good smoking cannabis is, this will be a turn off.

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