How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business?

The carpet cleaning industry is an evergreen one. There’s usually never a shortage of demand for carpet cleaning services.

There are always new customers, and as carpets keep getting dirty over time, carpet cleaning services would probably never run out of customers.

But you need to get a few crucial things right when starting a carpet cleaning business that we will be discussing in detail below.

Making a Business Plan

Just like all businesses, a carpet cleaning business needs a business plan as well. Some of the important things to cover in your business plan would be:

  • Whether you want to offer a commercial service or a residential carpet cleaning service
  • The types of services you want to offer, such as deep cleaning, steam cleaning, helping customers get rid of tough stains and other types of dirt spots, etc.
  • The investment required
  • Estimating your operational expenses
  • Marketing strategy and your budget for marketing activities


The location is the most important thing about a carpet cleaning business. One of the most common reasons among the businesses that fail is choosing a wrong location where there just isn’t enough demand.

While carpet cleaning is something that’s required in pretty much every area, a business needs to have enough demand to sustain itself while competing with the other businesses in the area.

Choosing a location where there are a large number of residential or commercial places is likely going to be your best bet here. If you get this right, there may not be much to hold you back from making your business successful.


While starting a carpet cleaning business isn’t very difficult, you do need to do some paperwork to make sure you don’t end up having any legal trouble down the road.

You simply need to get the approval for your license to operate as a carpet cleaning business. You may also have to seek training and certification for your staff from the IICRC.

Finally, there’s the insurance. While both you and your employees need to be covered by insurance, don’t forget to buy insurance for your company too.

Equipment and Technology

This is the best way to stand out and establish yourself as a new business. Make sure you get the best, latest carpet cleaning equipment and technology for your business.

Similarly, the quality and types of cleaning products you use often turns out to be just as important. Nowadays, environment-friendly products that don’t compromise on their effectiveness of cleaning are the way to go.


Of course, once you have everything in order (and your business up and running), you would want to get the ball rolling by employing advanced marketing strategies.

Of course, a website is crucial in this age of digital transformation, but it’s not enough. Apart from traditional ways of marketing like giving out flyers and using printed media, digital marketing and SEO in particular can be a great way to get a constant stream of new customers.