How to Set up a 24-Hour Telephone Answering Service for Your Business

Every business can benefit from using a 24-hour telephone answering service. Unanswered sales calls result in lost revenue, so an answering service will make sure you never miss a phone call again. Increase trust in your brand and service, by ensuring all calls are handled promptly and efficiently.

Telephone Answering Service

For any business, providing exceptional customer service is essential to its success. Constant availability builds goodwill and cultivates loyalty, as customers will appreciate that they can have a conversation with a real person who can solve their problem, day or night.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll receive many business calls at 2am, busy schedules mean that many customers may need to reach you in the evenings or at the weekends — times your staff won’t necessarily be in the office. Without an answering service, the best you can hope for is that a customer leaves a voicemail.

The Benefits of Having a 24-Hour Telephone Answering Service

Running a business is a large undertaking. In addition to actually doing the work, you’ll likely have to host meetings, monitor the accounts and solve employee disputes. A 24-hour telephone answering service for your business allows you to continue doing the tasks you need to, instead of becoming preoccupied and distracted by intermittent phone calls. Even for businesses with a large team of staff on-hand to man phone lines, it’s simply not reasonable to expect them to constantly be available, long after they’ve left the office. By opting for an answering service, not only do you save time and get more work done, but you also boost company culture and staff satisfaction by avoiding weighing employees down with demands to always be by the phone should that important sales call come through.

Regardless of how small your company is, a 24-hour telephone answering service will make it appear more established. Nothing screams unprofessional — or damages your bottom line — more than not being available to customers and clients when they need you. Of course, being available 24/7 also opens your businesses to new opportunities — such as competing on a global scale, where multiple time zones don’t need to pose problems.

In the business world, first impressions count. If you can’t immediately provide an exceptional level of customer service, a customer will look for a company that can. You will need to constantly find new ways to bring customers back. Openly advertising that your lines are open 24 hours a day, specifically so that you can cater to customers with unpredictable work schedules, for example, will not only boost the perception of your brand by those already using your services, but can attract new customers, too.

Generally speaking, operating a business can be costly. Many businesses opt to cut business expenses wherever possible, either just to stay afloat or to free up budget to invest in other areas. Employing the services of a telephone answering company will reduce expenses, allowing you to channel your savings into resources and strategies that enable you to chase down and crush your competition. Business never stops, so it’s vital that you use a telephone answering service to serve customers around the clock.

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