How to Make International Call to Panama from the US

Are you looking forward to making a call to Panama? Are you aware of how to navigate the complicated waters of making an international call? Let us delve on some essential aspects that would help you navigate on making international calls to Panama.

Let us go through the simple to follow the rule on how to call Panama. The guide would be simple and make it relatively convenient to make the call process today.

Making an international call to Panama

In order to call Panama from the United States, you would be required to follow the below-mentioned easy dialing instructions as provided by Comfi.

  • Dialing the US exit code

Before you even begin, you would be required to dial 011, which happens to be the US exit code.

  • Dialing the country code

Henceforth, you would be required to dial the country code for Panama. As a result, you need to dial 507.

  • Dialing the phone number

After the international exit code and the country code, you would be required to dial the 7-digit phone number of the respective home or person whom you intend to call.

It has been deemed as simple as it sounds. You should rest assured that the US to Panama international dialing format would appear as 011 – 507 – 1234567. The 1 to 7 numbers would be the seven digit phone number of the person whom you intend to talk to in Panama.

Are you looking forward to making unlimited calls to Panama?

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