How to get rid of waste from your project?

No matter how big or small that your project may be, there’s bound to be an immense volume of waste generated that needs to be disposed of. There are various paths that waste can take when it comes to disposal, hence why you need to consider all of the options that are available to you and choose wisely.

Wigan Skip Hire specialise in waste disposal, offering a convenient solution for removing waste and disposing of it safely. Here are 5 tips for removing waste quickly, easily and safely:

TIP 1:Sorting through waste

The best place to start when undertaking work on your home or business is to identify what you need and what you don’t need. Thoroughly sorting through the waste materials that your project generates will allow you to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclables, essentially preventing recyclable materials from being combined with mixed waste.

Taking the time to sort through the waste that’s generated will enable you to keep reusable materials separate.

TIP 2:Using local tipping facilities

Although Wigan Skip Hire are the specialists in skip hire Wigan and skip hire Preston, they also offer tipping facilities which are ideal for projects that generate too much waste to fit in a wheelie bin- but insufficient to fill a skip.

Tipping waste is often the most practical way to remove waste from your project because it allows you to get rid of it whenever you need to. If you’re planning on driving the waste to the nearest tip yourself, you’ll need to pack all materials up and load them into your vehicle.

The main benefit of taking waste to the tip is that you are in ultimate control of your project and can choose when the waste is removed.

TIP 3:Hiring a skip

Offering skip hire Wigan, Wigan Skips can help you to find a quick solution for storing waste. They recommend hiring a skip for the duration of your project, ensuring that you have somewhere safe to dispose of the waste materials that your project generates.

If you’re looking for skip hire Preston, you’re in capable hands with Wigan Skips! You have a wide variety of skips available to choose from, including domestic skips and commercial and industrial skips, so you needn’t worry about finding the right one.

In one sense, the services that are provided for skip hire Bolton offer a more convenient alternative to transporting waste to the tip. Wigan Skips take care of the disposal of waste materials and ensure that they are handled carefully- ultimately eliminating the risk of injury.

When hiring a skip, you want to make sure that you maximise the space that you have available within the skip and ensure that strict skip hire Bolton regulations are followed.

TIP 4: Making donations

When you sort through junk, make sure that the items that are in perfect condition and reusable are put to one side. Keeping these items separate will allow you to make use of them for something else, or even better… you could donate them to friends, family or organisations.

Charities are always looking for generous donations, whether it be books, CDs, electricals, clothes, shoes, toys or furniture. Some types of waste, such as electrical equipment, aren’t suitable for skip hire Chorley, which makes donations your best option (as long as they are still in working order!)

Donating items to those who are in need allows you to get more out of your skip hire Chorley. Although skips are designed to be spacious and accommodate large volumes of waste, making donations will allow you to save space inside your skip, allowing you to fit more in and preventing you from overloading it with waste.

TIP 5: Recycling waste

Another way to utilise the space inside your skip is to recycle waste. If your project generates waste that can easily be recycled, consider taking it to the local recycling centre or disposing of it in your recycling bins- providing it will fit.

With skip hire Leyland, Wigan Skips make sure that waste is handled safely and disposed of correctly. They take all skips to the nearest sorting facility- saving you the hassle of sorting waste manually which can also be dangerous.

When skips arrive at the sorting facility, they are separated into recyclables and non-recyclables and Wigan Skips aim to recycle up to 90% of the waste that is disposed of in the skips for skip hire Leyland.

So, when there comes a time that you need to get rid of waste from your project, you’re in capable hands with Wigan Skip Hire. Call them on 01942597358 today to find out more.

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