How to build an empire with press releases in 5 Steps – A study by Pressroom Today

Writing a press release is not just about explaining what you have done or are planning to do. It is a strategy that goes a long way in defining the path of your audience interaction.

In contrast to the traditional methods that speak of following a particular set of guidelines, the contemporary press release can be a little experimental. Gauging the nature of market you are targeting, you can mould your PR accordingly. But, to effectively use it for maximum impact, following the basics is imperative.

A press release lets you pitch your story to the right audience including journalists, investors and more. An intriguing piece can get you critical acclaim, if that’s what you are looking for. To draw the maximum output, here are a few pre-requisites to keep in mind when writing a PR.

  1. Set goals, but be realistic
    What do I want from this PR? What is the purpose of writing this? Ask these questions to yourself, and proceed only when you have satisfactory answers. Set a goal, and work on that. Slowly narrow down the big strategy to the core, and work rigorously. Don’t forget to set a deadline when finalizing your PR strategy. The blueprint of your work will help you keep track of your progress.
  1. Know where to distribute
    Writing a good press release is the first step. Publishing it on the right platforms is the next step, which is equally important. Researching media companies and websites, and checking how they influence the readers is imperative to understand how your news piece will tread. Platforms including Pressroom Today, Indian Wire, and more, are amongst the few websites that have multiple categories and a reach that can help your business target the right set of audience.
  1. Strengthen your relationships
    Talking to people is the key to building relationships. When you create a PR strategy, identify the right people for your business. By talking to people who write about topics similar to yours, and might be interested in knowing more about what you are coming up with, you can have an altogether different impact on the audience. Email, text, or call them to start a healthy and long-term relationship. Once established, your contact might write for you in the future, giving you all the leverage for your business.
  1. Quality is king
    A press release is surely promotional content. But, it is not meant to sound like an ad hungry for attention. Even the sponsored content you release needs to be of high quality, to engage the audience. Catchy slogans, video content, responsive video series and much more has now come to the rescue, and can be put to maximum use. It is imperative to understand that readers and have an abundance of content to choose and read from. What makes you stand out is the quality you deliver.
  1. Measure you success
    A PR strategy is only as good as the end results and its success. The final step in the process is checking how your ideas faired in the real world. You can use tools to measure the output or set key performance indicators (KPIs) that will indicate if you achieved your goals. Measuring the performance will also help in updating your methods according to the market requirement, helping you improve your strategy for the next time.

The internet is flooded with content every day. To tame the bull by the horn, you need to understand and work on the aspects that appeal the most to the users. When it comes to a press release, it becomes all the more important, since the performance of the content directly impacts the customer engagement you get.