How Satellite Television Is Changing The Face Of Entertainment Industry?

We are familiar with the satellite television industry but, every year we heard that the industry says Satellite TV dead but, it is still with us and changing the face of the world. Well, what makes this to go on and on?

There are many companies that is offering the same service as well as fighting with the internet dominating world and websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Rather than this liking of online sites, the satellite industry is still going great. Channels carry on the satellites are too vast as compare too online channels.

Apart from that, in the starting of this year, a report released saying, “As part of a pattern of growth in global Pay TV subscribers to 1.05 billion identified by Dataxis, between Q216 and Q217, the DTH (Direct to Home satellite broadcasting) market grew by 7 million subscribers from 238 to 245 million. Cable fell by roughly the same amount, from 578 million to 572 million, while most of the growth of 60 million subscribers overall came from IPTV and Linear OTT.”

How Satellite Television is changing scenario?

There are many things that can show why people choose this over any other medium such as:

  1. Cost-Effective:

The service is very cost-effective. In recharge of Rs, 300- 400, you can enjoy unlimited shows, movies, songs and many more. While, on the internet, you are restricted with MB.

  1. Speed is continuous:

No matter what the time is and how many people are watching it, the speed is always high and give the better experience to user 24*7.

  1. A wide range of channels:

You can get entire access to different channels like sports, food, entertainment, animal planets and many more at one platform like Even, people have the option to make their own package.