How die casting can benefit your business

What is diecasting?

Die casting is an industrial method which involves the moulding of metal parts to achieve a specific shape, size and texture for use in various applications. The desired metal is formed by placing molten metal under high pressure to fit in recyclable metal dies, to produce specific non-ferrous metals. These bespoke parts can be constructed for an unlimited amount of projects, dependent on your business.

Who conducts the die casting process?   

Professional die casters, like Lupton and Place, – the European market leaders in die casting – are capable of manufacturing more than 5 million castings within one year, due to their state-of-the-art machinery and expert staff.  They specialise in structural, pressure, gravity and aluminium die casting to ensure that you receive the right metal parts for your project.

What are the advantages of die casting?

There are several benefits associated with the die casting process, including:

  • Cost-efficient

Although costs will vary dependant on your preferences, the die casting process is extremely cost-efficient. It involves the mass-production of metal parts, which will allow you to save a significant amount of costs on a long-term basis.

  • Eco-friendly

You may not realise it, but die casting is actually environmentally-friendly – especially aluminium die casting – as this is a recyclable metal that can be used later for additional projects. The metal dies used in the die casting method can also be recycled, which can show your customers that you are becoming more eco-conscious.

  • Durability

The process of die casting helps to create robust and sustainable metal parts that will provide you with top-quality components for your products. This will enable them to withstand adverse temperatures and high- or low-pressure environments – protecting them from any corrosion or damage.

Which industries can benefit from die casting?

Most businesses can benefit from die casting. Although Lupton and Place specialise in a number of industries including the automotive sector, where they have produced car parts for established companies such as Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Nissan and more.

They have also constructed defence casting for the United States military, as well as created components for various defence machinery. Whilst also manufacturing parts for the construction, lighting, white goods, electronics and entertainment industries – creating first-rate and durable parts for each individual business.

Contact Lupton and place for precision die casting

If you require custom-made metal parts for your project or machinery, then get in touch with Lupton and Place on 01282 422 361. Their expert team will offer you guidance and construct bespoke components using their cutting-edge die casting machinery. This technology will ensure that all your needs are met, whilst also enhancing your business prospects.  

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