How can you quickly raise money for any medical treatment in India?

When someone in your family falls severely ill, aside from the trauma of the sickness itself, medical expenses and hospital bills can be really damaging to the family. In India, where health and sanitation facilities are not easily accessible or affordable for all, especially in many rural regions, catching a life-threatening disease or illness is feared.

The most practical measure to seek help with medical bills is to have medical insurance. But realistically speaking, the greater number of our population may not be able to afford medical insurance. So they resort to other ways, such as applying for loans, or asking friends and family for money.

Here are three useful ways to seek financial help for medical treatment:

Medical loans

As long as there are no previous loans or arrears, with the right documentation and verification process, application for financial help for medical treatment in the form of a loan can be raised with the bank for medical emergencies. Alternatively, one can even take a personal loan from a friend or a family member for little or no interest to get help with medical bills.

NGOs or private trusts

There are many NGOs and private trusts that have been set up solely to provide financial help for medical treatment of people suffering from a certain medical condition. For instance, cancer societies, AIDS trusts, associations for the blind, to name a few. Most of these associations have strong networks with philanthropists, and even government networks, who can offer subsidised treatments and schemes for payments.


Crowdfunding is another very effective way to raise funds for medical expenses. This method relies on effectively communicating your urgency of funds to a large number of individuals, groups, and organizations, who can be persuaded to contribute even small amounts through online platforms. There are many crowdfunding India platforms such as Impact Guru, that one can use to set up their campaign and apply for financial help for medical treatment. While it is still a relatively new method of raising money for any medical treatment, in India crowdfunding is fast-growing in popularity owing to its ease of usage and effectiveness of fund utilization.

When a loved one’s life is in jeopardy, and can only be saved through an expensive medical procedure, the need of the hour is to find any way that you can to get medical help and raise money for treatment. Crowdfunding India is the best way to raise funds and Save your loved ones.