Here Is How You Can Get The Lean Six Sigma Certification

There are a lot of teams with high experience like SKIL who can actually teach and make you earn a lean six sigma certification but before we get into the details, here is what you should know by the time you decide to take on the certification.

When you are receiving a six sigma certification, you need to know that you are assigned your projects based on the belts. You will have various level responsibilities which are divided into:

–              Executives like the CEO and the other important Chief level staff of the company. They basically establish and think about the vision of how the methodology of the Six Sigma should be applied to a certain project. This power solely lies with them.

–              Champions are those people who imbibe and sponsor the whole six sigma method. Though they may not have the basic knowledge, they bring in the employees. Their knowledge on Six Sigma may be of the level of a white or an orange belt six sigma certificate person.

–              Black Belt Masters are those who possess great leadership skills and bring in the six sigma methodology into action. They act like specific coaches and make sure the methodology is being brought into solutions and executions. These black belt masters are also known as Sensei which means guide in Japanese.

–              Black belts: These people are under the guidance of Black belt masters and they lead most of the projects. They perform all the analysis and focus on executing the methodology in full time.

–              Green Belts: They are those people who actually execute and implement the solutions which the six sigma offers in their daily work lives. They implement them as the part of their project and sometimes also take the lead role in projects.

–              Yellow belts: These are those people who give their part in projects that are involving six sigma methods and they have limited training on the methodology.

–              Orange belts are the ones who use the most basic theory of six sigma for a specific area of expertise.

–              White belts are the novices and anyone can earn the white belt in the six sigma training.

It is important for you to know that out of all the levels, the six sigma black belt and the six sigma green belt certifications are treated the most valuable. In fact, many companies like SKIL train people in these two levels together. This is because they both have mutual understanding about how to present their roles in a project that involves the six sigma strategy. In fact, if you want to go towards the lean management and quality management side, it is better you earn a certification in either of these two levels.

What can you learn in the lean six sigma certification?

You will have to go for in class or an on demand kind of training for this certification. You will have a proper in house training and some mock projects to work on. You can also learn in various languages like English, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese.

Thus, all you have got to do is to work on them well and earn a good certification in a reputed institute.

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