Go Paperless for Simplified Eco-friendly,Document Management

Technology has transformed every industry in the recent times. The Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is no exception. One of the first steps towards change was to eliminate the large paper burden plugging productivity in the construction business.The sector was hugely dependent on paper which in many ways hindered performance. The following data paints a clearer picture of the situation and the fact that many companies are still using paper:

  • 40% companies of this sector are still using paper plans on the job. [JB Knowledge]
  • Nearly 50% of the AEC professionals manually prepare and process daily reports. [JB Knowledge]

The problems of using paper are many. The traditional way of working in this industry involves a large volume of paper work in every phase of a project. Here’s how paper slows down development and inflates costs:

  • Multiple copies often need to be made to circulate updated information to the teams.
  • Stationerysuch as pens, pencils, paper clips, files, folders and other storage facilities like cabinets are needed in bulk to manage paper, which results in expensive overhead costs.
  • The use of huge amount of paper contributes to environmental degradation and global warming.
  • Paper based documentation slows down communication, requiring,AEC professionalstomake multiple trips to the site to convey updated information, instruct teams or inspect the workflow.
  • Paperwork is prone to the risks of getting damaged or misplaced. Thus, compromising data safety and security needs.
  • Searching through piles of paper is a time-consuming task and results in delays, extended deadlines and wastes productive man-hours doing redundant tasks.

However, with digital document management software like SKYSITE, slow documentation processes can be eliminated and managed. Cloud-based softwareis being accepted in the industry for managing vast number of documents generated. The change in mindset can be seen from the following data:

  • 77% of contractors and 65% of owners use mobile technology to complete their construction and engineering tasks. [KPMG]
  • 36% of AEC firms use 5 or more mobile business apps to complete works. [Canvas]
  • However, only 29% use apps routinely on all their works. [KPMG]

Digital document management application like SKYSITE, offer numerous advantages over traditional paper documents. Here’s how this kind of applicationcan be beneficial for AEC companies:

  • Mobile accessible information management:

SKYSITEis a mobile accessible software that makes it easier to manage the entire data of a construction site through a single application. This eliminates the need for a mountain of paper documents. With a mobile app, you can smoothly create, edit and access all kind of necessary informationin real-time. In fact, a manager can monitor the workflow from anywhere at anytime. SKYSITE is compatible with Android and iOS.So, you can handle your jobsite work directly from your device of choice and at your convenience.

  • Auto-hyperlinking of Documents:

Finding relevant information from one document to another can be a time taking process. You must open and close each document and navigate through each file and folder pathway. This can take a really long time and it can befrustrating. Document storage system software like, SKYSITEoffers a solution to this.  It’s automatic hyperlinking feature helps to open and close digital files without consuming much time. Auto-hyperlinked documents have pages connected with clickable links. This makes navigation from one document to another a breeze. In fact, this feature helps to find callouts quickly in your saved documents of building plans.

  • Effortless Synchronization:

Being on the same page about updates made to documents can be a cumbersome process. Cloud-based softwarewith auto sync helps to sync all edited documents from any device as soon as you get online. This enables automatic updates in every synced device. So, it will be easier to keep everyone informed.  

All these solutions have made AEC companies integrate modern technologies like cloud-based document management system into their modus operandi.