Get your point across: The best customer care practices

Are you dealing with the best in customer care when you contact your mobile service provider? Find out with the checklist we outline for you.

Customer care is the most important pillar for a successful business. Often, companies forget that loyal customers are the reason for their success, and that ignoring customer grievances is a recipe for disaster. You may have had bad experiences with several companies, especially in the mobile phone industry. So how can you judge if your service provider has good customer care practices or not?

Compare with this checklist below:

* Is the provider available 24/7? This is the most important factor in good customer relations. Some businesses have customer care departments that work only during company business hours. If the mobile service provider is not available to receive your calls when you need assistance, then you should look for another provider. Also, the service provider must be available to customers of other providers as well. For instance, while Airtel customers can dial ‘121’ and get across to customer care, non-Airtel customers can call the Airtel helpline number ‘9892012345’. Most mobile service providers are notoriously difficult to contact from a different number, but Airtel is not.

* Are setup practices easy? Suppose you purchase a mobile hotspot for your home from a certain provider. Once its 10-digit number is registered in your name, the provider may take about 24 hours to activate the connection. But while selling the device to you, the provider must explain how you can set it up for use after activation. Also, the set up must be easy and not a cumbersome process that forces you to call the provider often and complete multiple steps. The same applies to a postpaid or prepaid phone plan that you take. There should be minimum set up steps, and the ones that exist must be really easy to follow.

* Does the provider give you all the information upfront? Say you want a new broadband connection. The provider contacts you in a couple of hours and discusses your requirements. At this stage, does the provider give you information on all the available broadband plans for your city, or do they try to peddle a less popular and expensive plan that is not doing so well in the market? For instance, when you call the Airtel helpline number and ask for new plans, you are first asked about your usage and kind of surfing you do. Based on this information, you are advised to take a plan that best matches your usage and budget expectations. The executive manning the Airtel helpline number patiently answers all your queries and gives all the information you need to know to make an informed decision.

* Does the provider have several plans? It is not enough to be friendly – the provider must also have an array of plans across prepaid, postpaid, broadband and DTH. Each plan must be explained properly to the customer before purchase.

* How good is the deliverables process? Most customers’ experience with several companies is a bad one. They feel that companies lay down the veritable red carpet while selling the product, but are careless and offhand after the sale is complete. This is where leading mobile service providers like Airtel score over the others: after calling the Airtel helpline number, you are explained the next steps that will take place. As promised, a company representative shows up at your doorstep to initiate the purchase. The device or plan is sold to you and installed in front of your eyes, and the subsequent setup is also explained in detail so that you are not confused.