Get Digital Signage Singapore at Affordable Prices

In today’s digital world, every aspect of life has got a complete makeover. One of the latest trends in it is of digital signage. With our distinguishing approach, you can get a digital signage system for your business. We strive to offer complete technical support to our clients.

There are numerous components of a digital signage system, such as:

  • Hardware: It includes physical parts like screens, media players, mounts, etc.
  • Software: It includes the content and device management system.
  • Connectivity: The connection between the digital signs with the content management system, such as wires, Wi-Fi or mobile.
  • Installation: The complete installation process from site surveys to the final installation.
  • Content: It involves focusing on the creation of the latest content.

We can offer digital signage for numerous purposes like banding, educating, informing based on your needs.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage refers to a type of signage. It uses technologies like LCD, LED and Projection for displaying the contents like images, video, media, etc. It can be found in public places such as malls, hotels, transportation systems, stadium, cinema halls etc. There can be numerous purposes of digital signage such as marketing, advertising, informing, showing directions, etc.

There are some aspects worth contemplation while getting digital signage, such as:

  • Number of screens
  • Timeline for the project installment
  • Content strategy
  • Budget

Based on your requirements, we can offer you the best possible way. The cost of creating the content will depend upon a number of factors like purpose, the kind of quality needed, the frequency of change required. The cost of the Digital Signage Singapore project depends upon the needs of the project. The digital signage can be of the following types:

  • Single-screen displaying automated content such as news, cricket match, weather news, FIDS, etc.
  • Menu boards
  • Direction to show ways
  • Video walls

Different software components

  1. Media Player Software: It helps in playback of media files by using CPU and GPU of the computer. Codification is used for the process and the images, video and other information are decoded for presenting them on a digital screen. Advanced software helps in the internal storage of the files so that flow doesn’t get interrupted even when the network is lost.
  2. Content Management and Distribution Software: It helps in giving a user interface which allows the users to upload files, organize content, formulate rules for playback and helps in distribution of the content to a media player. With our services, you can be sure about the functionality and security of your content.
  3. On-Premise vs. Cloud: We help in keeping your data on the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere at any time, regardless of which device you are using. Such a system helps in avoiding the loss of data. So you can be quite sure about Outdoor Digital Signage system success by availing our services.
  4. Device Management Software: Managing a number of screens remotely is quite a challenging job. We can help you with this also by collecting the information on the devices and reporting the data. We can also help you in checking the soundness of your media player in terms of memory usage, free space and availability of the network.

The best part is that our services are very economical. Hence, you can avail our dependable services and have peace of mind.