General List of Office Supplies Needed For A New Business

After setting up a new business and creating office space, some components and supplies will be required for its proper functioning, effectiveness, and organization. Purchasing these office supplies demands careful planning and some level of expertise to ensure the rightful selection of quality basic needs without any omission. Most of these supplies can be purchased online or from office supply stores. A general list of basic office supplies includes:

#1: Computers and printers

Most managerial duties of a business or an organization can be effectively executed using a computer which is capable of managing accounts and customers’ database. Internet access is now a basic necessity for sharing and getting up to date information through emails, website or social media handles. Promotional materials and newsletter are also created on the computer and processed out through a printer. It could be a bit tough getting a reliable printer for a new office, but it could be much easier to get good printers and Office supplies at

#2: Scanners, Fax machines, and copiers

Although the fax machines are not frequently used anymore because of the internet preference, it still finds relevance in documents that require signatures. You may need to make multiple copies of a document for distribution or to scan documents, allowing for storage of digitized copies of items like a receipt, bills, etcetera. So, the importance of a copier and scanning machine cannot be overemphasized.

#3: Paper

In an organization or firm, information is either passed through electronic devices such as computers or are printed on papers and dispatched. You will need to print out your documents on paper for record purpose and for business transactions that require a signature. Sticky notes and stationeries are also required for reminders and passing information around the office.

#4: Ink Cartridges

Businesses that require a lot of copying and printing which utilizes ink must take note of the need to purchase replacement cartridges alongside the printer, fax machine, copier and other ink-consuming devices. Purchasing Refill cartridges are cost-effective than new cartridges which add up in price from time to time.

#5: Pencils, Pens, and Markers

Important information like phone numbers and address within documents can be jotted down and highlighted using essential office tools such as Pencils, Pens, and markers.


#6: Paper Tape, Paper Clips, and staplers

Notices or printed information are hanged up using paper tapes and clips while a stapler is used to stack sorted documents together in an orderly manner. Make sure to get extra packs of pins for the stapler for easy replacement.

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