Familiarizing with the Basics of Li Libanaise Des Jeux’s Lebanese Lotto

If you don’t know, you can play lotteries on the internet today. In the past, you had to get your hands on the physical ticket of the lottery to participate in it. What that meant is that you could not participate in a lottery taking place in a different country than yours unless you moved there. A lot has changed today as you can participate in lotteries of other countries as well. This has given people a chance to play Lebanese lottery operated by la libanaise des jeux. People have found out that it is one of the best lotteries in the world for many reasons.

If you are interested in participating in lotteries and are looking for something that appeals to your interests, here is some basic information about Lebanese Lotto for you.

The Basics of Lebanese Lottery

The first thing you have to know is that Lebanese Lotto has been around for decades now. It is not a new lottery so you should not even have any doubts about its authenticity. You can visit any website that talks about Lebanese Lotto to find out the past results. Hundreds of people have become millionaires in Lebanon after winning this amazing lottery. Like many other big lotteries of the world, Lebanese Lotto also rolls over. Every time the lottery rolls over, the size of the jackpot increases significantly. Regardless of the prize you have won, you will have to pay some taxes on your winnings. However, you can be happy that these taxes are much smaller than what you have to pay in countries like the US.

Rules of the Lottery

You are going to love this lottery from Li Libanaise Des Jeux because of how easy it is to participate in it. You only have to pick six numbers in it. The range from which you have to pick these numbers is from 1 to 42. What that means is that you can pick any number from 1 to 42 without repeating it. Keep in mind that the numbers come out of the same drum on the day of the draw, which means no number can repeat in the results. On most of the websites, they will notify you if you are picking the same number again.

You will be happy to know that there are five ways for you to win a prize from this lottery. Just because you have not won the jackpot does not mean you will not win anything. You win the jackpot if you match all the six numbers you have picked. The second prize is available for matching five numbers and a bonus number. The last prize, which is the fifth prize, is for matching only three good numbers. In short, you have many ways to win so the chances of winning at least something from Lebanese Lotto are quite high. Keep in mind that the draws take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Keep your smartphone with you to check the results instantly.

Increasing Chances of Winning

It is amazing that Lebanese Lotto gives you so many chances of winning. In addition to buying multiple tickets, you can also pick more numbers and play with all the possible combinations of those numbers. When you have multiple number combinations, you have higher chances of winning the lottery. However, you have to know that you will be paying more money for playing more balls. When you play more balls, all the possible combinations of those numbers are generated. In addition to choosing your numbers manually, you have the quick pick option wherein you let the computer pick your numbers. This is a quick way of picking your numbers and many winners in the past have won due to the quick pick option.

Final Thoughts

Now you know enough about the lottery to participate in it and devise a strategy to win. The best way to increase your chances of winning not just the Lebanese Lotto but any other lottery is to buy more tickets. In addition to that, you can use the advanced play option with Lebanese Lotto to increase your chances of winning. It is important to have a plan beforehand about how you will handle the money if you end up being the jackpot winner. Keep in mind that a million dollars is a lot of money.