Esteemed Project Manager and Engineer in La Grange, John Gizowski, Shares 5 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

You’ve spent possibly years building up to the launch of your new product. From conception, research, design, re-design, and testing, it may have been a long process. However, now you’re at the point where your creation is about to step out into the real world, you might be feeling a little nervous. You might be wondering how you can ensure the launch of your new product is successful.

Thankfully, John Gizowski of La Grange, IL has been a part of 7 patented product launches from conception all the way through production and happily shares his five tips below to help ensure a successful product launch.

  1. Be Sure That You’re Ready  

Before you even think about a product launch, make sure you have thoroughly tested your product. Test it until you break it. Throw it around and hurt it. Pull at all the components and see what you need to do to make it fall apart. Stories from journalists who have their hands on products only for them to fall apart are regular, and nothing can sink a product launch faster than bad reviews from journalists.

  1. Set Realistic Goals  

When you’ve developed a new product, and you’re taking it to market, it can be easy to get carried away and reach for the stars. While you might very well have the next big thing on your hands, it might be a slow start. You need to set realistic goals based on proper market research and track performance as you go along. Don’t be afraid to kill off a product if it isn’t living up to expectations, as long as you’ve tried a few things to get back on track first. Spending good money after a bad bet isn’t a good route to success. With realistic goals, you also need to set rescue or saving strategies should things not be looking to go the way you want them to.

  1. Be Ready for an Uplift  

It’s no good getting a product launched and creating demand if you’re not able to meet that demand. Are you geared up or tooled up, and ready for orders? Do you have your delivery processes in place? Are all the staff that needs to be involved prepared to go? Has everyone bought into the launch? Do you have the room to store ready-to-go products for shipment? There are many things to think about – so be ready.

  1. Never Stop Taking Feedback

Once your product is standing on its own two feet, your job isn’t done. You need to create a way that customers can give you feedback, and you need a way you can funnel that into your business. It might be that a customer comes up with a suggestion, which leads to quite a radical innovation. Don’t miss out on that possibility. The process of product design should never be assumed to be done and finished.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Core Business

While a new product is inherently exciting, it’s important to remember the core parts of your business. If you take the focus off what’s making you money right now, and your new product launch doesn’t quite work out as you hoped it would, it could leave your business in a vulnerable position. Make sure you allocate resources to both your core business and the new project in a sensible way.

Remember, product launches are rarely linear. Projects always have unexpected zigs and zags, but if you remain fluid, flexible and ingrain the above tips into your workflow, then your product launch will be a triumphant success.

About John Gizowski: As an engineer project manager living in La Grange, John Gizowski has earned recognition and respect among his colleagues for his hands-on approach, timely implementation, and return on investment in all of his projects. Beyond the office, he serves as an academic advisor to his alma mater and is a member of the society of automotive engineers.

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