Established and Trusted FBA Prep Service Provider in California

For more than 35 years reputed fulfillment service company has created a niche for themselves in the customs and freight forwarding business. They are the ‘go to’ people for thousands of companies across the United States to help with their customs clearance and shipping needs.

In today’s times where companies fulfill their customers’ needs by offering them products which are available around the globe, the process of shipping overseas can be a tad cumbersome. To reduce this burden and streamline this procedure, Amazon has started a full-fledged Prep and shipping Company called EZ Prep. This company will receive products on the sellers’ behalf and stock and store them.
Products that come into America need to be prepped up to adhere to strict American guidelines, they need to be packaged securely and finally, the products would be sent to all Amazon fulfillment centers which are spread across the US.

FBA prep service, USA has a huge warehouse and additional staff to help where needed in managing boxes and doing routine tasks that can eat up so much of productive time for the client. Businesses can focus on getting their goods sold safely minus the stress of carrying out overseas shipping themselves. FBA prep service, USA strives to ensure the best service to their clients and clear up so much mundane hassle, so clients can focus on the bigger goals like increasing sales, profits and growing the business.

Clients can use the order fulfillment services California for a quick and simple nationwide shipping implementation. Their team comprises of skillful people who are adept at handling packages with care and packing it well before sending it forward to the respective Amazon centers. They can do bundling, poly bagging and other related prep requirements with ease. They cater to all kinds and sizes of businesses.

Reach out to them and trust the leading order fulfillment services in California to extend their best customs clearance and fast and reliable shipping service to you.

3PL fulfillment services in California have a professional and experienced staff to execute logistic needs of businesses. They have different budgets for the type and size of business. Since they are well established and well known as Amazon’s premium freight forward service they have staff which is trained to handle and resolve any issues arising out of shipping services. Their main goal is to ensure that clients spend money only on necessary things and not waste their profits on any damaged or non-compliant goods.

Since they aim to continue to be the best in this industry California’s 3PL fulfillment service has the price for each storage item listed on their website. They are completely transparent with the pricing and there are no hidden costs anywhere. If clients need something tailor-made for their inventory, then FBA prep service USA are more than flexible at offering custom-made solutions to meet their client’s needs. They promise of a speedy turnaround time of 24-72 hours depending on the volume of shipment. However, they try their best to ensure speedy shipping. Shipping is not done on weekends. Storage is usually done for up to two weeks before getting sent out to various Amazon fulfillment centers. For any queries they can be reached at any of their offices and their personnel will be more than willing to answer everything and clear all doubts pertaining to order fulfillment and shipment.

So go ahead and use America’s most trusted freight forwarding and prep services for all your shipping needs. Focus only on business growth and sales and let them handle everything else related to your order fulfillment and customs clearance.