Essential Equipment for Video Production

Choosing the right equipment is only a small part of video production. The other important factors are the content you are producing and its realization.

Nonetheless, video equipment is very important and should be chosen depending on the video’s style, budget and shooting locations.

Here are the essential equipment videographers use for video production:


You cannot film anything without a camera. There are many types of cameras and each has different quality and pricing. Choosing the appropriate camera should depend on the nature of your project. It is also good to know that higher price doesn’t always guarantee higher quality. Using complicated equipment, the wrong way can be more damaging than using simple and cheap equipment the right way.

To shoot an amazing video doesn’t always require expensive, professional cameras. The proof for this is the large amount of award-winning films shot only by a phone camera. Also, buying a tripod or other types of camera stabilizers is obligatory if you want stable and clear footage.


If your video project or film includes sound as one of its elements then buying a microphone is a must. Remember to choose the type of sound equipment that works best for your project. Shooting dialogue in an open, exterior space and shooting ambience noise aren’t recorded with the same types of microphones. T

To find the most suiting one, check for its best and worst characteristics. Buying a set of headphones is also recommended if sound is an important part of your video project. This is because with wearing headphones on the shoot, you get to hear the actual sound being recorded.


The best films have an amazing lightning scheme. This can be a little tricky for beginners and amateurs as shooting a properly lighted film is a science on its own. You should carefully plan the architecture of your scenes. Having harsh shadows, blurry objects and silhouettes looks great in some movies; but only if it’s carefully planned.

Using proper light can intensify the content and give your video project a new dimension. For beginners the best solutions are buying differently colored reflectors or buying softbox. For those of you who do not know, a softbox is a large box with light bulbs inside which are covered with cloth to produce soft fill light in a movie.

Video Editing Software

So you found the right shooting equipment, organized the people involved, got through every obstacle and finished the process of video and sound recording. The next step is organizing the shot material and making it into a logical and emotional visual sequence.

To do this, you must buy video editing software. It is much better than editing videos the old way – with gluing film tapes on a room-sized montage machine. Today, we have video editing software which can be bought for a cheap price or used on first month free trials. The best ones are Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows platforms and Final Cut Pro X for macOS.

Equipment Backpack

Having your equipment properly protected is essential for every type of video production. This is because a single, tiny scratch on a camera lens can cause significant damage to the footage. Showing the equipment care and attention lengthens its life span and ensures better quality.

Cameras, microphones and reflectors aren’t that cheap to be tossed around and neglected. There are various types of bags and backpacks for protecting video production equipment. Fortunately, in most cases the necessary bags come along with the purchase of a camera, microphone, tripod etc.