Download Creative Cross PNG Image for Your Design

A cross is an emblem mostly used to symbolize the Christian faith. Crosses are geometrical figures, which consists of two intersecting lines, mostly perpendicular to one another. These lines can run vertically and horizontally.

According to some beliefs, the four points of a cross symbolizes nature, self, higher power and wisdom. People also believe crosses mean balance in one’s life, transition into better lives, faith in life, unity of the body, abstemiousness, hopefulness and life. They are also believed to represent the different embodiments of relationships and the human tendency to want to connect with others in a spiritual capacity.

Cross png comes in as a very useful design element in various capacities. Some of the creative styles you can develop with the cross png are listed below:

  • The simplest form of using cross png is in the design of the Christian cross. The Christian cross is designed with a long bar and a shorter one crossing it at the top. Cross png can be designed creatively to represent the Christian faith. Some of the designs that will work are with the body of Christ integrated in the design to depict his crucifixion. A cross png of such nature will have a lot of uses.

  • Another representation of the cross png is in the design of the empty cross and the crucifix. This is a proper reflection of the way the Christians believed their Christ died for them.
  • Budded cross; create a budded cross with a cross png. The budded cross is just a normal cross with the end of the four arms decorated with trefoils. The trefoils is usually used to represent trinity, which in interpretation is the merging of God, the father, Jesus Christ, the son and the Holy Spirit. These three are the cardinal beings of the Christian faith.
  • Elevate your designs with a representation of the Celtic cross. The Celtic cross is the Latin cross. It is embodied with beautifully crafted designs that are meaningful to the Latin faith. Cross png with transparent background will be the perfect tool for this type of creative cross design.
  • The Patriarchal cross go back in centuries. It is most commonly used in processions and date as far back as the byzantine period. This particular cross consists of a central bar and two other bars below the top one. Cross png is the perfect base for this type of design.