DiversyFund Explains the Other Passive Real Estate Investment Strategy

The wealthiest investors often look into real estate, but for passive investment.  They don’t want to buy rental homes or fix & flips, simply because they do not want to actively evaluate investments and make decisions.  They prefer to trust others, supposed experts, to do it for them. For the investors that are looking for passive real estate investment strategy, DiversyFund, a firm whose business model is based around leveling the playing field so anyone can get involved in real estate investing, explains the various modalities below.

Often these investors end up buying into REITs, Real Estate Investment Trusts. Whereas some firms pay out dividends, firms like DiversyFund have a different philosophy. Instead of paying dividends, they focus on accelerating the growth of wealth by reinvesting the money because they focus on growth and taking advantage of compounding interest to build wealth over the foreseeable future.

If you have the urge to invest in multifamily real estate, but you don’t want to take on a more passive role with higher returns than REITs, you could try funding the investments of others.  Of course, they need to have proven track records.

If you always wanted to own property, but you don’t want landlord headaches, you can hire management for around 10% of monthly rent charges.  Now all you have to do is to find someone who can steer you to proper rental homes that will cash flow well and be good investments.  Many very successful fix and flip investors are successful because they know their buyers’ requirements.

But there’s an even simpler way to invest in real estate. With DiversyFund, investors are able to immediately diversify their portfolio with one investment. Diversification through access to numerous projects is a huge benefit as the investor can grow their real estate investments while reducing some of their risk. As you work your way toward being a part of the 1%, DiversyFund can help you strategize and increase your wealth exponentially by making the most out of your passive real estate investments.

About DiversyFund:

DiversyFund was founded to help everyday investors build wealth like the 1%. The company opens up real estate investing to the average person by breaking down traditional barriers to entry such as high minimum investments and unnecessary broker fees. Through DiversyFund’s online platform, they are helping investors diversify their asset portfolio beyond stocks and bonds.

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