Determining Your Return on Investment for Animated Videos


An animated video is an engaging way to explain how your products and solutions can help your customers. Animated videos provide engaging content for your brand and can be entertaining ways connect with your customers. However, in order for these videos to be effective, they must be able to convert potential customers into sales and high-quality leads.

“Typically, an animated video will be shared through social media. This type of marketing can effectively turn a lead into a sale when the information provided in the video is engaging and displays how your product can help consumers,” says a video production expert at NRG Digital.

You must understand how your video fits in with your marketing plan to determine the ROI of your animated video. The metrics that you will use to determine the return on your investment must include how many views your video has received, how long each viewer watched the video and the click-through rate. Click through rates are the number of visitors that clicked the link on your video and visited your website. These metrics will help you determine the effectiveness of your animated video; however, there are other things that must be in place for your video to be effective, including:


If you upload your animated video to a video platform like YouTube, you must ensure that it is optimised so search engines can find your content. Google typically ranks video content higher than other types of content; however, the proper keywords must be used. Keywords should be chosen based on the content of your video.

Social Media

YouTube and SEO help to make your content visible and findable via web searches; however, other channels like social media can be used to promote your video. Social media is a great way to engage with your customers as well as their contacts. Engage with your social media channels and share your video to help gain momentum to your campaign. If the video is engaging, your social media contacts will be more apt to share it with their contacts.

Landing Page

The goal of animated videos is for your viewers to click on your link and go to your landing page. Typically, your home page is not the place to send these viewers, especially if you offer a variety of solutions. Instead, you want your viewers to be directed to a page that is relevant and fits with the video content. One way to do this is to use the same graphics and colours that were used in your video. This will help ensure your viewers that they are at the right place.

How can you determine if your animated video is effective and improving your sales? There are times that you will know immediately how effective your video is at producing sales, especially when you see an increase in sales and you are not doing any other marketing campaigns. However, most companies continually do a variety of marketing activities, which can make it difficult to determine how effective your video is at converting sales. One way to help you determine the effectiveness is to direct your video viewers to a unique landing page. This can help you determine how many visitors are coming to your site based on your video. Finally, you can track pixels to help measure your results.

Calculating the ROI

When calculating the ROI of your video, you will need to add the gains from your video campaign and the amount of money that was required to make the video. There are different ways to calculate ROI; however, for example, if your video was made to raise awareness, the calculation will be different than videos made to generate leads and sales. These calculations should be based on the worth of awareness and leads rather than sales.

You also must understand investment costs. The investment needed for a high-quality video is more than just the amount paid for the video. You will also have social media promotion costs, SEO costs and distribution costs.

In order to get a return on your investment, you must create engaging videos that your target audience would be interested in. Furthermore, these videos should cause viewers to take action. Finally, you must find the best methods to deliver your video to the masses through social media and create a landing page for your animated video.