Corey Shader, Florida Business Consultant, On Why Visibility Is Important to Your Small Business

Visibility is the key to marketing no matter the size of your business. It seems to make sense that companies with a high profile are successful, but why exactly is this visibility so critical to establishing yourself in the market?

Social proof

Trust is hard to come by in the modern world, and customers are no exception. Now that personal reputation within your community is no longer a factor in purchasing decisions, the customer is left without assumed trust. Instead, they turn to social proof; evidence that a business has served others before them, and that those transactions went well. A visible brand is seen as a reputable brand.

The more established your social profile, the more reliable an entity you are assumed to be.

Client awareness

Every one of your clients is an individual, with their own lives, which to them, are what matter. How likely is it that someone who has heard of you only once will think of you again at the exact time they need your product? Very unlikely.

By making sure your brand visible as often as possible, you dramatically increase the chances of a sale. The only way to control the time a prospect sees you is to make sure your product or service is visible as often as possible.


Going from discovery to sales is all a numbers game. Unless you sell extremely high-value items, the volume of sales you need to make often prevents you from thinking of customers as individuals.

Instead, you will find that inside your demographic, you have a conversion rate. This is the percentage of initial interest that goes on to result in a sale. As a number, it tends to stay relatively static; more discovery at the same rate of conversion translates into more sales. Every time you double your discovery, you double your sales figures, plain and simple.

While marketing involves many components, its main principle is getting current and potential customers to view your message.


About: Corey Shader is an independent business consultant. Driven by his passion for helping others achieve their goals, he takes pride in bringing out the best in others. Based in Florida, Corey Shader is well known for his involvement with startup companies helping with customer acquisition, streamlining processes, and maximizing their overall bottom line.