Colorado PEO, StaffScapes, Shares How to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

As a business owner or manager, it’s critical to make every member of your staff feel included and valued. When this is not the case, a workplace can quickly become an unpleasant and unproductive environment. Modern workers place more importance on personal happiness and fulfillment than those of previous generations, meaning a steady paycheck and benefits alone are not enough to keep your staff members dedicated and productive. HR solutions company, StaffScapes advises that the key to keeping your staff happy is finding ways to create a more inclusive workplace. Below, StaffScapes provides a few proven methods for doing just that.

Be Open to Change

Clear communication and a willingness to be open to new ideas are necessary parts of being inclusive. If your staff isn’t comfortable approaching you with concerns and ideas on how to improve what you do, you’ll miss out on valuable insights that could lead to beneficial changes for your business. Being receptive to the ideas of others encourages every member of your team to participate in forming the culture of your business. Clear communication creates guidelines for conduct based on experience and honesty, which will translate into better results from every aspect of your operations.

Incorporate Diversity Training

Though diversity training comes with certain costs, it’s an investment your workforce will truly benefit from. The point of diversity training is to teach your staff to approach communication in ways that are tolerant, inclusive, and open to other points of view, as well as to improve their personal awareness. This type of training often includes information on dealing with issues regarding gender, race, sexual orientation, and more. Diversity training has been shown to boost workforce morale and confidence, lower employee turnover and lessen instances of workplace harassment.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Activities

Planning fun and engaging outings for your employees is a great way to make your business more inclusive. Though it can be difficult to coordinate these outings because of everyone’s busy schedules, the benefits for your workforce in terms of morale and connectivity are well worth the effort. Ask your staff how you can accommodate their scheduling needs in order to find the perfect outing for everyone. Making team gatherings outside the workplace a regular occurrence is something many business owners and managers have seen positive results with.

Vary Leadership

Many businesses hold meetings led by the same person every time. A simple change you can make to encourage inclusiveness in your workplace is varying leadership roles, especially during meetings. Doing so allows people from different areas of your business to bring issues to the table which otherwise might not have been discussed. Switching up leadership positions in projects requiring multiple members of your team to work together is also a good idea, as it keeps fresh ideas coming, leading to new innovations and opportunities for growth for every person involved with your business.

Focus on Preparation

Your employees can only perform their jobs as well as their training materials prepare them to. The effectiveness of your training practices has a strong impact on inclusiveness within your workplace, being that confident, well-prepared employees are much more likely to share their opinions clearly, contribute fully and be open to collaboration with their fellow staff members. Any lack of direction caused by poor training resources can cause employees to become unsure of their actions, leading to withdrawn behavior, and in time, a sensation of not being valued and included.

These are just a few of the many proven ways you can make your workplace more inclusive to everyone on your team. By excelling at training, varying leadership roles, being open to changes and establishing personal connections outside the workplace, your business will be a comfortable and inclusive place where your employees can thrive.

About StaffScapes:

Nothing in your business is as important as your people, but building and leading a team brings challenges. StaffScapes can help you meet the challenges in HR by helping you provide excellent (and affordable) benefits, manage risk, and by handling workers comp and complete payroll processing. That lets you increase profitability, maximize productivity, reduce time spent on transactional HR activities, reduce employment-related liability, and ultimately lower labor costs, while boosting morale at work, and improving employee satisfaction and retention.


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